Love Day

Well this is practically ridiculous.

I am so behind-good heavens!

Once upon a time, it was Valentines Day almost a month ago. Oh ya, that day! Let's not mention it was the first of all firsts for me to actually have a real life, no awkward "are we dating or not?" high school relationship, Valentines Day.


Having spend many Valentines without another half, I must say, it's quite an experience.
That sounds so lame, but it's completely and utterly true.
Talk about fulfilling the definition of everything you've ever heard.

Shall I tell you about my special day? :)

First, I woke up early so I could get all prettied up for my hot date that evening, since I would go straight there from school. ;)Even with that fluffy stuff in mind, I was fully engaged in my "Morning Monster Fury" role. Grouchy grouch grouch. I walked the kitchen with the up most, awful demeanor possible when suddenly, my eyes met none other than guess who.


Yes, my Chad was making me waffles.

{Cue sighs now}

Now, the perfect, running through daisies reaction would have been a sudden burst of a chorus of angels while I pranced in my flow-y dress that appeared on my body out of thin air toward Chad and wrapped my arms around him-----------

But no.

I sulked, bent over and exclaimed with a shriek, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!"

and ran away to my dungeon.

HA. Poor Chad. Sometimes I wonder why he keeps me around. :)

Once I calmed down, I went out a bit more composed and THEN hugged him, minus the dress.
He's the sweetest, friends.

{Yes, that shirt is from we went to Sadie Hawkins together what...about 4 years ago? We barely knew each other then!}

So I was a good girl and ate my breakfast. I was so shocked that he did this for me! Waking up early...all the prep, it was fantastic. {Even if he used pancake batter for waffles ;)}.

The day went on. I got ready and changed at school so he wouldn't see me before-you know girls. You always want the element of surprise when it comes to men. It keeps them excited. ;)
He came to pick me up so we could go to our class at BYU.

Can I just say, when he got out of the car?


Moving on....:)

After our lovely class, Chad took me to one of my all time favorite restaurants: Los Hermanos.

It was simply delicious, even though I didn't even get close to finishing my plate.

He's my favorite.

Our adventures there? My overdose of chips, Chad's caramel cup which I really think he would have drunk straight had I not been present, and our continuation of always guessing how long our waiters have worked at their job.

After that, we didn't really have any definite plan. Chad will kill me for even writing that to where the public can see {since he was the dating club president at AFHS ;)}, but let's just explain something here. Chad and I run and run almost every second of our lives, so the fact that we had NOTHING to do all night with no plans was a dream come true. He had options, of course, but overall? I just wanted to chill with my sweetie-which is what he did.

We went to his place, then my place to open our gifts to each other. I bet you wanna know what he got me, right? Right? :) Well...

I guess I'll tell.

I cried.

Can you guess now?

I read his beautiful card and carefully ripped the paper. Then I saw it.

A book. That was by me.


Chad had compiled all my blog posts from when I started a year and a half ago till this past December in a phenomenally hard cover, bound book.



It's gorgeous.

And one of my biggest dreams came true.

My own bound book. :)

Funny that he got me a book, because I gave him one to! But it was one I had written for him. A compilation of all my thoughts of love, memories, and special things concerning him that I had started writing 10 months before he came home. I finally finished it the day before Valentines Day, and let's be real, I didn't have a good gift idea for Chad, so this worked out perfectly.

Really? Do I really deserve this person? He's so good to me...

Can I just mention a little thread of shimmering thought going through my mind these days?

Life is a beautiful thing-and it's not because it's easy and perfect and always full of blue skies. It's truly because of those rainy days, the aches, the pains, the tears, and the work. 
No relationship is 100% perfect and simple. We all have our moments of selfishness and trials. But at the end of the day? It's the most gracious, exquisite thing ever given to us because of the problems we work through and the trials we overcome. Then you know what REAL love is. 

Let's be honest. 

Chad is my bestest friend in the entire universe. When I look up the definition of best friend, it says that a best friend is the one who's the closest to you. Do you know what that really really really means? Being close to someone means you know them for good and for bad-for the perfections and imperfections-for the angry days and the happy days. That's a big deal. Best friends aren't just fluffy care-bears who hold hands while they run through flowers. 

They've been through the knitty gritty.
The hard stuff.
The life stuff.

And that's who Chad is for me. My dearest, bestest friend. 

Happy Valentines, sweetheart!
{16 days ago...:)}

Love always. 

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