Date Night in the Fort

Chad Edward and I try to have date night every week, which can sometimes be difficult with our demanding schedules and stuff stuff stuff. But we must date! Even after you get married, you're still dating! True story.

So. We decided to go ice-skating with our pass-of-all passes. Sweet! Free skating, right?


We go and the lady say, "ooo...ya you can't use those. They only work at the rink February through June" or somethin' like that. Oh ok. Not her fault by any means, but it did put a damper on our little date night. And a Plan B was in order.

So. We went to the donuts. Which means, we went to Fresh Market and got some donuts and hot chocolate. Yes, we had a little tuffle deciding which hot chocolate to get and I don't take it this time and say it was my fault.

Kids? Don't be angry over hot chocolate mix. ;)

Anyway. Turns out we got home to find a present at our door that my mom had dropped off for my neighbor, and guess what. That's right. That same EXACT hot chocolate we had tuffled about like 15 minutes before at Fresh Market was in the present, with a wonderful, plush, brown zebra stripped blanket. :):) I think Heavenly Father was trying to teach us a lesson, and DEFINITELY make us laugh. And we did that. We laughed and smiled at our silly childish ways. 

After that, we MADE A FORT! Well, more like I did and Chad held up the broom pole to keep it standing while I adjusted everything so it would stay up. Poor guy. He collapsed before the fort was even done!

We made some hot chocolate {The now officially named Tuffle Hot Chocolate} and ate our donuts in our wonderful fort.

We decided to play some Dominoes! Here's the thing, though. We got it out, got it all ready, then started telling memories of playing Dominoes with Grandmas and family....and before we knew it it was 1 hour later and Chad was talking about being super smart at math in 3rd grade and was cooler than all the other kids. I couldn't tell you HOW we got there, but we did and Dominoes remained UN-played. Then it was sleepy time.

So! Successful date? YES! Time with my hubbie, hot chocolate, donuts, fort, un-played Dominoes, childhood memories and kisses. Yes. Good.

Date night = Rockage.

Love always,
Ally Jo


My New Hair

My birthday was coming up, and I was trying to think of something I would enjoy for a present. 

I'd also been getting to the stage with my hair where I needed a change. My hair had been the same for 3 years and it was time for something new besides just my usual color I did every few months. It was a big deal though, because I had grown really attached to my hair and was scared to change things up. But, it was getting drab and boring. 

Chad knew I was looking to do something new with my hair, and he suggested I should do that for my birthday. What a brilliant man. ;) And it worked out great because the girls in Chad's family decided to go in together and get that for my birthday present from all of them. {Thanks, guys!}

Chad's sister, Tiffany does hair so I had the perfect girl for the job. I discussed different possibilities with her and mentioned I didn't want anything insanely crazy. Just a little spice. And sista? She did a great job! We decided to go with a caramel melt. I think it turned out super well! AND. Chad LOVES IT. So? Mission accomplished. :)



 It's sorta hard to see since my hair is pretty long and I could only capture the top half of my head with the camera, but I think you can kinda tell.



Yep. Just a little pick-me-up.And the best part is I don't have to keep up with it like when you have highlights. That's why I never get them, because then I have to re-do my roots over and over. But this will just grow out.  I absolutely love it! Definitely just what I was looking for. Thanks, Tiff!

Love always,
Ally Jo

Girls Night Out

Remember conference weekend like over a month ago?

Well no worries that I'm JUST getting to posting about our girls night while the boys were at priesthood session. ;)

Basically, my mom, sis, and sis-in-law all met up at the best and only amazing Spagetti Factory for some grub. It was delicious as always, and we all got some much needed family girl time. Though it was a girl night...we did have our little guy, Carter tag along. :) I love my nephew so much! He is just growing and growing everyday, and I can't believe what a cute little man he is. Ah. To die for. 

We went to University Mall after our dinner and looked around for birthday present ideas for Leafy and I, since her birthday was that weekend and mine was around the corner. It was fun! And we got to attempt to stuff blankets around Carter in the mall strollers because he was just a tad bit too small for them. :)

Over all, it was a wonderful night out. Favorite part of the night? Being with my girls and having Carter hold my little finger as we strolled around the mall. :)

Yeah for Conference Weekend!

Love always,
Ally Jo

The Hamster Goes Missing

So...sometimes I'm ridiculously 5 years old and do crazy things at our house.

As most women can relate, I feel like I loose half of my head of hair when I get in the shower. How do I loose that much?! I mean it's just insane. And down right gross.....especially when we forget to remove the hair when we're all done. ;) I usually always remember! But one morning....

...Chad mentioned something.

"Hey Hunny, so I found a hamster in the shower this morning."


"Yes. A hamster."

I'm still utterly blanking and don't understand how a hamster could possibly get into our shower.
 He laughs and begins to relate my wad of hair to a hamster.

Oh dear.
 I probably blushed a little, then laughed lots for my and my husband's silliness.

So the hamster was removed.

But I wasn't gonna let this be the end of our friend, the hamster. So I got up earlier one morning, took a shower, and went about my devious plan. And this is what Chad woke up to.

Mwah hahaha!

Chad's reaction?= what did I marry?

:) Perfect. Ha ha! Basically what went down for clarification, I removed all my hair that morning from the shower, which meant our hamster escaped! Which only meant utter panic with a hamster on the run. I had to warn Chad!

...So maybe I'm a little insane and crazy beyond all reasons, but it's the little things that keep marriage wonderful and fun. And remind you why you love the other one so much you could just squeeze their guts out. All over.

The hamster tends to make an appearance from time to time, but generally speaking, we have frightened the poor guy off. Case closed.

Love always,
Ally Jo

My Super-Hero Husband

I love my husband.

I'm know all of you out there with husbands of your own love them too.

Chad is my source of joy when I feel low. He loves me when my hair is greasy and gross and tells me I'm beautiful. He dances with me in the kitchen. He builds forts with me in the living room. He remembers special things. He races me to the car clear across the neighborhood and grabs me and spins me around. He snuggles up to me and massages my neck and plays with my hair. He makes me killer omelets. He opens my door for me. He reminds me that I'm loved. He reminds me I have a purpose. He goes to the temple with me almost every single week.

He has caused me to believe in love. Real love. He's convinced me that we really can be together forever and there is a great, incredibly brilliant plan behind having a man and a woman come together. You better believe it can be sorta sticky living with a member of the opposite sex ALWAYS. Not just a semester, but this guy is stuck with me everyday of forever. Ha! I love him for sticking it out with me, even when I turn into a monster. And believe me, I can be a monster.

He's my super hero. I'm convinced his white spot on the back of his head is really his only link to his secret identity. Because really? He's a super fighting machine. He saves millions. That's right. Feel jealous that I found a super-hero for my husband.

Chad wipes away my tears so very tenderly. And I cry lots, so he has mastered this skill. ;) He knows exactly what to do when I'm having women-time-of-the-month days. Chocolate, Cosby show, heated water bottle and blankets. He's pro. ;)

He's my rock. He's my teacher. He's my companion. He makes me laugh like a screaming banchee. He makes me feel special. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl ever. AND I absolutely love holding his hand and walkin' around town because, let's be real. I have something to show off. ;)

Oh ya. And he's ridiculously good looking. :)

I love my husband. I just get giddy thinking I get to be with him forever. Love you, Sweetie!

Love always,
Ally Jo


My Bike

These past few months of m life, I've had moments of this. Moments where I've been on the bike and all that's getting me through staying up is telling myself that I just gotta keep moving. Gotta keep moving....gotta keep moving....

This semester is school has been hard. Not gonna lie. And my adviser wanted me to take MORE credits than I already am! HA. That's all I gotta say. Anyway. I've had a lot of things thrown at me. Credits lost. Stubborn jaw. Tired body. Not enough air. Insecurities.Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Spiritual pain. I'm sure everyone can relate to my version of "biking up that huge hill".

But I'm glad that I have things along the way to keep me going. Keep me balanced. I've had to step back a lot and look at what I CAN do, rather than trying to be superwoman and do everything. And that's hard because I love opportunity. But sometimes, not all the opportunity in the world is supposed to be grabbed all at once. 

So I was a good girl today, and decided to let one thing go. It was hard, because it's a good thing, but I just need to "clean out the closet" and feel a little more spacey so I can do better in the things I am doing. I'm sorta doing that "spring cleaning", but in the fall. :) And I feel a little bit lighter. 

I love the changes of season because it's a testimony to me that I can change too. This weather has literally been good for me not only because it's just plain lovely, but 'cause I feel like the season is my friend encouraging me to cleanse myself as they do. 

I need to breathe. I need to enjoy the air flowing past me on my ride on my bike. 

Did I mention "my bike" rocks?

:) Loves. 
Ally Jo