Update of sorts

I've realized I'm such a hypocrite because I get upset when others don't post, 
whining and groaning to my brain, and then I, myself, never post ever. :)

Ha ha, oh the irony.

So! I best be posting. 

Life is crazy, as always, so finding special time can be hard, especially with Chad Edward. So when we find a night that is completely free, we RUN to it. :) This was forever ago, of course, but we went to the UVU institute dance about a month ago and it was fantastic!

We had the most RADICAL group ever, incredible date, a live jazz band, food- I mean WHAT could be better?!

All thanks to UVU for giving us a chance to be together!

In other news, 
Daddy has been doing some serious ice-fishing these days. A few times ago, he caught 
something like 34 fish!!!!! 

Ya, he's pretty proud. :)

I would be!

William has been shaving his legs...

Which don't worry, he's not an alien with incredibly awkward shaped legs. For some reason the camera angle decided to destroy this, haha! And calm down, because all it was was a project so we are all good. This just proves the fact that we, as Best's, are hair dogs. Thanks for that, Daddy-o. 

Everyone else is in tip top shape. :) My family rocks this universe, let's be real. I LOVE living at home with them and getting to spend time with them whenever possible. They are the BEST 
people ever, no pun intended.

Anyway. Have a jolly good day!

Love always.

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  1. so, are you and chad going to get married? That's cool :D