Changes in Snow and Mr. Coat

that's it.

my dear friends.

This will not be the post
that the whole universe has been
waiting for,
{Don' t worry...it's coming soon!}
but I just couldn't resist writing
to my dear cosmos of internetty...

Ok...that was lame.

5 points taken away
from Gryffindor
for lack of intelligence.

{Cue smack on the forehead}

today I got to thinking
about some stuff.
Which is completely off the rocker,
I know. ;)

When I went downstairs to greet the day,
I opened the door with a light sweater
to accompany me on my way to school,
and a lovely layer of SNOW
decided to join me.

"Oh...hello snow.
I didn't know you were
coming...I didn't expect you.."

So I had to get my friend
Mr. Coat to come with me
so I didn't feel so socially
unstable to deal with such uneasiness.
Which, I might add,
made sweater feel all hurt and stuff,
so I'll have to deal with that drama later.

Regardless of sweater's hurt feelings,
Remind me to send Mr. Coat
a box full of chocolates
tomorrow with my most
thankful regards.

And I'll take sweater to lunch.

Back to Snow.

I guess I got over all
the silence that then came to pass
once I actually stepped outside
with Snow...

Question for my audience.
Am I just SUPER not able
to carry on a normal conversation?

I mean,
I want Snow to feel
validated and that he matters,
but I just don't know if we
have the right chemistry,
ya know?

Back again to Snow.

I must not be a good enough
because by mid-afternoon,
Snow left me.

What can you do?
I mean, it just wasn't
flowing like it should
and I didn't see a future
with us...
so I guess I'll get over
the fact that I feel awful
about hurting Snow's feelings.

Next time?
I'll be ready,
at any given moment,
to give Snow my full attention
and anticipation.

I'm glad that's set in stone.



so on a more serious note,
besides my childish talk of
how the weather and my clothing
are my closest friends,
the weather today got me thinking about some stuff.

This morning,
there was indeed a blanket of fresh
snow caressing the earth.

It was unexpected,
and frigid.

this can be related
to experiences that happen to us.

Come out of nowhere...
and they make us feel
cold, frigid even, and alone.

they sort of have a beauty
to them,
don't they?

I mean,
crystalized objects
falling from the heavens
seems a BIT surreal
to me.

And those flaky objects
falling from the sky
make us better.

our hardships will pass,
and by noon-day,
the Son will come
and melt our worries....
and stresses...
and frozen hearts.

Just like THAT.
{snap of fingers}

And that process
and how fast it can happen
is a bit unexpected and surreal
all in itself.


Let's find the magnificence
in those delicate flakes....

even if they require an awkward
encounter with Snow. :)

Love always,
Little Besty


Bubbly, Turning Insides has never been more Pleasant

If my stomach keeps
squirming like it has for
the past 4 weeks,
I'm gonna have some
by the end of this week.

...because let's be real.
It AIN'T gonna stop.
It's just gonna get more intense.

I wonder if I'll even be able
to put food in my body in the next
5 days.

{Obviously I have to
or else I will die.
So, don't worry}

Because today?
I had a whole 6 million
pound "brucey" chocolate
birthday cake sitting
in front of me,
and I could barely get down
2 gulps.


'Cause I realized, the next time
I sit down at a table to eat
food in my hometown,
he'll be sitting right next to me.

And I seriously think food
will be the LAST thing going
through my mind during
those breaths...seconds...
and moments.


Even now,
my tummy is doing flips!
Cart Wheels!


I'm not gonna deny the fact
that my mind is exploding
{and my stomach has joined
in on the fun now, apparently}
for the fact that
this is real.

It's really happening,
whether I'm ready or not.

My Best Friend
is returning with honor
from the OTM
as a full-time missionary
of the Lord,
this Friday.

He has fulfilled
his mission,
and will continue to fight
in this battle
and bring his brothers and sisters
to Christ the moment he walks
off that plane.

I couldn't be more proud
of my very Best Friend
in the entire universe.

So, kids?

Life is good.
Good things happen.
We are blessed.
And Heavenly Father loves us.

Have a wonderful week.

'Cause my squirmy tummy
and I sure will!

Love always,
Little Besty


At Last

for the beautiful, 4 day weekend!

I must say,
a dash of cabin stayin',
friend playin',
birthday celebratin',
package openin',
and blissful sleepin'
sounds quite superb
to muah!!!!

Fall break,
here I come!

Love always,
Little Besty



we have to make choices.

Ahead of time.

When you put the items
on the scale,
which one is going to
give me what I REALLY want?

What I eternally want?

Things to consider:

*Is the product made sweet with
real sugar, or enhanced "sweet and low"?

*Am I gonna get past the day of "purchase"
or arrival of the gift
and still be happy that I have
forever with that present?

Or will it dull with age?

Or stay a classic, beautiful original.

All the countless lists
and expectations....
the ones that really matter...
I will do whatever
it takes to fulfill those
promises and covenants.

Because eternal happiness
is worth it.

Love always,
Little Besty


"I Got You"

I get in that
"what if" mood
and start freakin' out
about the smallest things
in life.

Even what I want to do
with that piece of chicken.

I mean,
I could roast it.
Bake it.
Let it drown in oil.
{Oh yummy}
Or let it burn.

As for the bigger things
in life,

I worry.

But let me just say...
Conference sort of gave
me a new perspective.
{As always}.

It was as if President Uchdorf's talk
{among many}
was speaking directly to me.

Heavenly Father could have been
sitting there next to me saying,
I got this.
You know I do.
I've been here from
the moment you were created.
Don't you realize that?

I think about you every day.
Every moment.
I think about your worries
of that lack of milk in the fridge.
I care about your feelings
when you have a bad hair day.
I ponder the thoughts you have
about wanted to make the right
decision in a selection of your
eternal companion...
and I know you don't want to
disappoint that future husband
of yours.
I know you're working towards being
the best wife you could possibly be
with all your stength.

I know that you worry
about the whole school thing
and want it to work out.
You don't want to give up.
You want to keep becoming,
while still doing My will.
I know.
It's tough, huh?

I understand.
I think about how your
body aches and your eyes
can't stay open.
I think about the peace
you find from sun light
and the wind.
{That's why I give it to you}.

I think about your constant thoughts
about making sure others are happy.
I care about what your favorite snack is.
{You should eat chocolate more often. ;)}

I want you to know,
I hear those prayers.

They aren't just lost to the wind.
I actually LISTEN.
I don't pretend to.
I do.

And I am here.
Talk to me, sweet girl.
I do listen and pray
for you.

I want you to tell
me about all this
so that I can help out.
Give you that hug.
Wipe your tears.

I care so deeply,
that you can't even
comprehend it.


Can you remember this
for me?

And keep smiling that
radiant, beautiful smile?

'Cause it sure makes my day. ;)

I love you,

Never forget it."


*Whew. :)

I have a good life.
I am so grateful to be here,
and above all,
so phenomenally over-joyed
that I have such a marvelous
Father in Heaven.

Thanks for watching
out for me. ;)

I love you too. :')

Love always,
Your Little Besty