We are All Enlisted

From every man {and woman}, young and old...I ask for a stronger and more devoted voice, a voice not only against evil and him who is the personification of it, but a voice for good, a voice for the gospel, a voice for God. Brethren of all ages, unbind your tongues and watch your words work wonders in the lives of those “who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it". -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I was listening to Elder Holland's talk, 
"We are All Enlisted"
from the October 2011 priesthood session today.

Can I just say, 

If you want your life put back 
in to perspective?
Listen/read this.

If you wonder what your purpose is?
How to get back on track
and get with it?
This is the one for you.

The quote above I choose to put on here today
really touched me.

Not only should we be a voice against evil, 
but we should be promoting good.
Promoting truth.

I can live a life doing everything I'm supposed to
and not breaking the commandments, 
but that's nothing without proclaiming
and voicing what is good, 
which is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Share the message!
Share your testimony.

You are enlisted!
That's why you came here...
to fight for good. ;)

Happy Sunday!

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