"Just Finished"

You know how a lot of bloggers have this type of thing?

"Currently reading"
{picture of book below}

and I love it?

Well, I've come across a dilemma here.
Since I'm a book worm myself and adore every minute of delving my heart and soul into a book, I thought I would join the "currently reading" thing. Not bad. But here's the hard part.

I read books too fast.

I started one yesterday afternoon, thinking I'd space it out and finish in a few days..

but I couldn't stand not knowing what was going to happen next in Chick Benetto's life.

So I finished it. Snap! Why do I do that to myself? The reason? It's not painful to sit and indulge in the adventures and happenings and events that reside in the pages of amost beloved book. So I just do it. I can't help it. Unless it's the huge, chunky books, stories I begin are always done from a range of a day to 3.

So is "currently reading" even worth it? I'll just change it constantly. *Sigh. The hard things in life. ;)
Maybe I'll just resort to a "just finished" because I have more space between books than how long I spend in them.

Well, let me tell you about the book I read yesterday. :)

Hmmm. :) This was a good one. If you read Tuesdays with Morrie or The Five People You Meet in Heaven? This book is most definitely for you. Let me tell you, Tuesdays with Morrie really did drastically change my life. I was in Jr. High and itching to make my own foundation of what was important to me...what I lived for. And Tuesdays with Morrie started that.
For One More Day....well, I'd like to tell you more about it, but I like to discover on my own through the pages I turn, what the story is exactly about. I refrain from reading back covers unless I already know the general idea of the book from another source or I ask for it. So I won't spill the beans. But I can tell you this. Your eyes will be opened. I believe it's completely real and true. And I know the people we've lost? Are always right with us everyday, whether we acknowledge that divine power or not.

Time is precious...and needs to be spend being with the ones we love and telling them we care. And if things aren't right with someone? FIX IS NOW, not when you're at the end of your life.

Loved this book. I highly recommend it!
And maybe I'll start the "just finished" :)




You know,
love is a lot different than I ever thought it would be.

Is it amazing that after all the days of figuring out how to deal with personality differences, gender differences ;), family differences, heart differences....
that I love him even more?

As I laid my head against his chest after a long day,
I was more in love with him than ever.
And I still am.

It's the deepest, craziest, most spontaneous thing I've ever felt in my life.
And I can't believe we have the great gift to be together for ever...not just a few summers.

adieu to you.


He got it!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Chad got the job at the MTC!!!!!!

That's right. 
My man is gonna work with the missionaries. 

:) I'm so proud of him.
This has been an answer to so many prayers, 
and we are so grateful for it!!!!

Congratulations, sweetheart!


Dates and Such

That's it. 
I can't seem to pull myself
from my procrastination cycle of life, 
so I might as well blog. 

This past weekend, Chad Edward and I went on a date.
{And a much needed one at that}.
We were gonna go to Trafalga after dinner, 
but decided to scratch the golfing and just
relax and watch a movie from our childhood.

But to dinner first. 
It was this Mexican place where Fazoli's on 
State Street used to be.
And I got shrimp wrapped in bacon. 
Oh yeah. :)

It actually was just so-so, 
but still yummy in my tummy.
Then we went to BlockBuster, 
then Walmart, then searched Netflix
for Glory Road, a movie that Chad Edward
has been talking about non-stop for days
and that he HAS to watch it NOW-
but alas, 
we could not find it. 

So we watched Space-Jam instead. :)

Only the greatest movie ever!
I couldn't help but laugh {out loud, mind you}
at everything!
Oh man. It was great. Just like I remembered it.

So it was all great and dandy.
Yipee for dates!
Looking forward to a million more because
we'll actually have no school!



The Real Thing

I was having a little chat with one of my dear friends on the bus ride home the other day about something pretty special to both of us.


Here we are, both of us young women going to school, getting a degree and livin' life like good young adults do. Of course, an education is important! Our minds our broadened, we accomplish, conquer, and become better. It's all goodness, don't get me wrong.

Well, then we got talking about the road ahead for us and what not, and something spectacular came forth. We made a lovely conclusion. Yes, a degree is wonderful and I myself have felt great joy from my experiences in doing so, but above anything else in life, the moment we are making dinner and the hubbie comes home to us....THAT, that imagine and happening will be the best moment of our lives.

My biggest dream since I've been tiny is having my own beautiful family and hubbie of my dreams forever. Why do you think little girls have little baby dolls? We have this drive and long to take care of people, even when we're babes our selves! At least I did. I played "House" all the time with my friends at school and neighbors. I had a tea-set and served my little stuffed animals, pretended they were my children. I wanted an Easy-Bake Oven so I could be like a mom making dinner for her family. My biggest dream above anything else is to be a mother and a wife. It's that simple.

Yes, I wanna travel to my dream destinations. I wanna teach music to little children, make CD's and what not- but I would be nothing without my beautiful little family and husband. It wouldn't even be worth it! I wanna share that with someone! I want to go to Africa and Europe with my hubbie. Granted, I'll need some moments to myself to enjoy every scrap I can, but I wanna share it! I want to sing with my darling little girls and boys before FHE and dance with them in the rain and have flour fights in the kitchen. That's what it's all about.

Look at that picture above with the mommy taking that turkey out of the oven. Yeah, it would rock to have that moment of accomplishing making a beautiful meal, but how much more spectacular is it with your little baby boy around your neck to enjoy it with you.

I wanna go on adventures with my kids. Take the probably beat up car with my kids stuffed inside to the mountains and lay out a blanket and count stars. I want to see my children running along the beaches and have my little boy come up to me crying because he got sand in his mouth. Haha....I just cry thinking about it.

I completely understand that every moment isn't bliss with a family. Kids fight, people cry, hearts are broken, frustration happens, the bills need to get paid- but I'm so happy for it all. It gives your family grit! It makes your little clan strong! Every second is worth it.....and life is the greatest teacher.

Maybe I won't jump for joy every time I think about washing dishes or doing laundry, but it's gonna be worth it. I'll love it deep down, because I'm a mom. I'm a wife. And I got a family to back me up. My happiest moment, kids. Having my husband come home after a long day, and I'm making dinner for him. Cleaning up my little girl's scratched knee and kissing away her tears.
Completely my favorite moments of life? No doubt about it.

Might I mention, that mommy is going to rock? Yep, I got mouths to feed, but I'm still me. Individual Ally who is still a daughter of God and is not over looked. That's how it is. Really. Mothers don't fade into the background. They are highlighted.

I can't wait to see my little boys on the porch like this. You better believe they have cowboy hats and overalls. 

This is joy for me. 

This is what I look forward to everyday. It's what keeps my going. The family I already have, and the one that's about to begin. :) I already have the greatest love for my future husband and little children. It's just bursting from every pore of my body and spirit. My dreams all come back to this. Family. And I'm gonna be their mother. I'm gonna be his wife. And that's all I really need.

Ally Besty.

Die Hard Lover

I adore spring. I really do.

At some point in the year, generally in the fall, I always wonder what my favorite season is. You love them all for their reasons of course, but what do you answer when someone asks your favorite season?

Sometimes I'm at war with myself about it, but I never am uncertain when the first signs of spring arrive. :) I'm totally a die hard spring lover. All the way. There's something about the crisp air that requires a comfy jacket, random shower of rain {and snow, in Utah's case}, new grass, radiant bursts of blossums, babies EVERYWHERE in all forms, easter, Christ, re-birth......

I just absolutely love it to pieces.

So? If you were all wondering what season I would die hard lover about, it would be Spring. :)

Love always.