Mommy and Me

I really love her, ya know. 

Like, a lot. 

Charlotte and I get to spend lots of time together. Being a stay-at-home mom does that to us. ;) Now that Chad and I have moved back to Provo, I don't get to go to my mom's as often, so I have lots of alone time with Charlotte. Which can be so so great!...and kinda lonely sometimes, but we try to keep ourselves busy. Plus, Chad is now done with school for the summer (HOORAY!) so we get a bit more time with him, too. 

 I am so blessed to get so much time with my sweet girl. She is so funny and constantly makes me laugh! Charlotte just brings a smile to my heart, and I thought that this picture was a good depiction of that. 

I love it when she touches my face like this. She does this all the time when I feed her and I absolutely love it (except when her nails need to be cut and she's trying to rip my lips off). :) In those moments, it's more outwardly apparent that we have a special connection. Mama to baby connections are special, and sacred. There are those moments where I look into her eyes, and though she can't speak, I know what she's saying. 

Motherhood is the best thing that's happened to me. Charlotte has the purest love ever, and I never feel judged or any of that crazy junk that the world tries to bring into relationships or what have you. I am so lucky to be loved by her. I am so lucky to be called her mommy!

I love you, baby girl. You are my whole world and I love you to the moon and back!

Ally Jo