From the winds to falling sunshine


What a day to blog about!
And it's only 10:58 AM!

As I have mentioned earlier in my writings,
the world around me inspires my thoughts and ideas.

Pretty simple.
And truly phenomenal at the same time!

Here goes my adventure.
The hours of my morning yesterday didn't seem quite..."up" in the beginning.
Painful chest coughs and a bleeding, running nose {thanks for the info, Ally!}
took over my aching body.

I thought the world would end.
It almost did.

I missed everything.
My family. My best friend.
My old life.

I felt the overwhelming wave of the storm.

Then....a bit of sunshine fell in my hand.
I had a weird urge to get dressed.
Odd, I know.

I still felt like death,
but I had a new energy I hadn't seen for a week.
I went to be around people.
Their warmth lifted me up.
Sunshine. More sunshine.

I held my little friend as she cried because I was leaving.
It's been awhile since someone cried because of my departure.
We ate hard cookies together and she laid her head on my chest while I rocked her.
We wrote a note together. I loved it.
Sunshine. More sunshine.

My friend, Aaron and I took a little trip to Walmart.
My heart filled with joy as he craved every single sweet he passed.
I don't think he realized how much I needed his contribution of sunshine.
Sunshine. More sunshine.

I opened my email in the commercial break for Biggest Loser.
"You've made the FIRST CUT".
I made the first cut to be an extra in the New Testament movie.
My whole countenance grins as I physically see
hope and light enter into my life.
Sunshine. More sunshine.

I wake up this morning
and smell the magnificent fragrance of spring.
I'm in love, with spring.
This causes energy in my step.
More than usual.

I walk to check my mail, just cause.
There's a letter.
Yet again, Wha?
This is unexpected.
The best friend always pulls through when I least expect it. ;)

As I hold it in my hand,
a dear friend taps me on the shoulder and says,
If only you knew the significance of the contribution of your sunshine.
Sunshine. More sunshine.

I get to the door.
An elderly man opens if for me.
Thank you!
"You are so welcome".
I almost turned around and kissed him on the cheek.
Sunshine. More sunshine.

Dear friends,
when it seems that the storm will never end
and the day is just too hard,
I promise you, with a sincere heart full of sunshine:

It Will Pass.

*Sunshine is heading your way*


Love always,
Little Besty


"A Woman out of Youuuu"

Yesterday was one of those "good days"
that you'll remember forever.
Not because anything HUGE or significant happened,
but just because it was good.

*It started out getting up at 6:30 AM. {I wasn't considering the day being good then}.
*I drove with my awesome friend, Scottie the Hottie to Hurricane to pick up my aunt's car so I could go visit THE FAM this weekend.
*Scott dropped me off, and I opened the door to my aunt, walking around the kitchen wearing her sweet reading classes. She said, "Heeeey!" and offered me pancakes. Mmmm glorious pancakes. I took my now "Miss Hurricane" cousin to school and we talked about boys and babies. Ha. Ha. Ha.
*I came back to the aunt's house and ate pancakes while we laughed about life.
*I got back to Cedar ten minutes after class started, but it was totally fine.
*It was Windows Wednesday!
*I learned how to remember all the ten commandments with my two hands. It's amazing, remind me to show you.
*I unexpectedly got a Valentines Package from my Best Friend.
*I had a super fun lesson with Dr. Johnson. It was his birthday, too!

Okay, here comes the icing on the cake. So my amazing mommy got me a massage for Valentines. Let's be honest, I was feelin' a bit sketchy about the idea because I had never gotten one before. But, I said "what the hay" and walked in the wonderful wind to my car to go get that massage.
It was fantastic. Can I just tell you, if you haven't gotten one before, go. It was just wonderful. Simple as that. Sooooo relaxing.

*Well, after that I walked through the glorious rain to my car, and took a little trip to Walmart. Always love to go to Walmart by myself.
*After that...presidency meeting...ate some grub....and checked my blog.

Then more icing happened. I got a text from the friend that he was ready to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. My life seems to be revolving around this show ever since I saw the first episode on Valentines. My bud suggested that I should catch up on all the other episodes before the "Avatar Groupie" watches the last few of the season. So, that is my new goal. Finish them. ;)
The rain is pounding on the wind-shield, and I'm loving it. Blasting from the speakers is the CD of MULAN.

Now, let's just chill for a sec and discuss this wonderfulness. When I'm alone in the car, I turn the music all the way up and sing my heart out. Is it bad that Donny Osmund singing "..man out of you.." gives me the chills? Oh, Donny. I will be a man for you! One of the lines really HIT me yesterday.

"Once you find your center...you are sure to WIN."

I thought about how true these words are. The moment that we find who we really are, everything else falls into place and the world just makes a lot more sense. When I give myself to the Lord...and trust completely in his plan for me, I find rest to my aching soul. So,.Heavenly Father says to me:

"I'll make a woman out of youuuuu!"

I couldn't do it without you.

Love Always,
Little Besty


Wishes to you

There once was a boy who believed in enchantment.
He found adventure in the interwoven branches of a tree.
The streams were his ocean.
The hair upon his head was his forest.
Grass awakened at the touch of his bare, callused feet.
At his finger tips lay ivory...always ready to obey his command at the press of his fingertips.
Strings felt their vibrations circulate through-out the still air with his stroke.
His mind was an intricate web of phenomenal power and
complex threads of courage and strength.
He saw the bursting rays of ecstatic light beaming from souls.
Not only did he see the light, but he captured it.

With him, nothing was impossible.

His story continues.

William Hiram Best was born on February 8, 1996.
Before he was born, I was hoping I would have a sister.
Boys were gross. Even new ones.
But from the instant I looked at those big blue eyes,
I knew he was sent here for a reason.
He was sent to be my best friend.

Names of the Great William Best::

Squilliam, Chicken-Wing, Bostwick, Twitch, Dolly, Will, Bill, Schmill...;), etc

{Caution: Photo above may not be suitable for children}

I couldn't have asked for a better individual to be in my life on a daily basis.
My brother Will TOTALLY rocks this world, and that IS an understatement.

-Some of those Fond Mems of Squilliam-

*His little giggle he made when he was in his swing.
*Chubsters...sorry pal. But you had those chub-nub-legs.
*Those swedish-germanistic suspenders!
*His Hair. End of story.
*Playing the same 5 songs 20 times a day. For real.
*The uke. Need I say more.
*Playing imaginary animals.
*The time in his life where his main diet included yogurt, cheerios, and PB&Honey sandwiches.
*All those talks in the wee hours of the morning.
*His little weezy snore when his mouth hangs open.
*The Cockatoo hair in the morning.
*Never getting up in the morning.
*"Hey mom, I need to go to a stake dance." "Okay Will, where is it?" "IN PROVO". huh?
*That one day when we went swimming and suddenly he was buff and huge. When and HOW did that happen?
*Ape legs.
*The DAY, literally, when his voice dropped 5 guzillion floors.
*"Hey mom, this is Will! Can you come pick me up? Thanks"-in a baby boy voice. Message 4 months later...."Hey mom, can you come get me?"-Darth Vader low man monkey voice. See ya puberty boy.
*The first time I heard his testimony.
*Watching the way he treats those who are in need of comfort.
*Watching him run with Buster.
*Crying together when Buster died.
*Sweaters. All those sweaters.
*The classiest dresser I know.
*Randomly coming out of his bedroom in some odd costume.
*The Nephi swag of leather.
*Movies movies movies with his buds.
*Holding his hand while we went camping with Grandma and Grandpa and the fam. He was so little!
*All of his plays...wow dude.....he's like....WAY GOOD.
*Michael! Oh ya, remember that one time I may have caused you to not have children anymore?
*Flying with you. What more could you ask for?
*Those footie pajamas.
*That one time where you cut your foot open and you peed all over the doctor's table when he was stitching you up. ;)
*When he pats the space on the bed next to him when I come to say good night. This means, "Ally, come talk to me for a bit".
*His smile.
*His laugh!
*The Black Eye. I swear you're black deep down.
*Flat fingers. African nose...it's all good.
*Watching Last of the Summer Wine with him and Daddy.
*Watching you play swords with your friends.
*Praying together.
*Silent as a jig-saw puzzle.....

Dear William {the greatest bro in the universe},

Since I've left home and started my adventure in the crazy college world, I've come to realize, even more than before, just how extremely phenomenal you are. I miss coming home and hearing you pounding on the piano {who would have ever thought} and seeing the train of ducklings called your friends following you around the house. I miss our jokes and kidding around, and most of all your huge hugs. I miss having someone around who really cares about me and treats me how I'm supposed to be treated. You make me feel like I rule the world, William, and I thank you for that. ;) If I could tell you one little piece of wisdom for the life of Ally Best, I would tell you that dude, you need to stop thinking you're inadequate and believe in YOU! Every single person I've met that has met you goes on and on about how they wish they could be more like you and how genuine and REAL you are. Do you realize what a compliment that is? Remember that talk we had about spirits and how some are older than the age of the body? Well my friend, I feel like your knowledge and capacity of heart make your spirit 102. I mean that. You are intelligent beyond all reason, friendly to those who may be carrying a heavy burden or don't have confidence, you are so creative, and you don't care what the world thinks of you. Do you realize how AMAZING you are? You're one of those "most incredible people" that everyone loves and looks up to. You will do great things, my little brother. I love you so much and pray for you every single night that you may find peace and courage in your life. Thank you for blessing my life and causing me to believe in myself.

Happy Birthday Will!

You're my hero!
Love always,
Little Besty


A small thought on Kindness

This morning, I was casually walking to the library.My mind was filled with thoughts of the papers I needed to print off in order for my day to flow successfully. Suddenly, my ears perked at the sound of an old man.

"Oh, thank you for your service!"

I looked up to see a young man holding the library door open for an elderly man with a cane. By the look on the young man's face, I think he was shocked at the profound words seeping from the elderly man's lips. If he expected anything at all, I'm sure he thought it could be a mere thank you. But no, this man, with cane in hand exclaimed,

"Oh, thank you for your service!"

I watched as the man walked away. I wondered what his life story was, what his thoughts were on kindness and appreciation. Regrettably, I didn't stop him. I merely went through the door and found a computer.

As I went through the doors, my thoughts drifted to the young man. He was no where to be found, but I wondered how that had affected him. Did he walk away thinking, "that just made my day", or did it seem like no big deal? I hope, with all good intentions, that it touched his heart.

Oh, what a man is he
who takes the small moments to truly thank his fellowmen.

Happy day
All is well.

Love always,
Little Besty