Ode to Em

I love Emilie Jill because...

*She bit my shoulder the first time I met her.
*We have "wife" rings.
*She listens to my stories.
*We can cry together spontaneously about men.
*She laughed when I cried for real because her van is so cool.
*She catches me in moments when I lay on beds with double chins and stare at walls....
*We can have almost every single picture together on choir tour.
*I don't feel so bad about my flatness when I'm around her.
*She makes me feel like a TRUE CHILD FOREVER AND EVER.
*I am 100% Ally Best with her.
*We can sink in the middle of beds together.
*I don't feel like I have to be all dressed up around Em.
*She is GORGEOUS BEYOND ALL REASON. Even if Kelton wants her hair long when he gets back. ;)
*She is modest always.
*She is intelligent.
*She never gives up.
*Her voice is amazing. I cry when I hear it.
*I know she'll be my friend forever.
*I know she'll come to my baby's blessing.
*I know she'll say "heck yes!" when I ask her to be a brides maid for me. ;)
*She believes in herself.
*She has an amazing testimony.
*She isn't afraid to give herself.
*She befriends the ones that are harder for some people to love.
*She can crush on Stephen Hill with me! {and it's sort of...kinda...basically real}.
* I can tell her about what's bothering me.
*I can eat "children" with her.
*She laughs at me.
*She prays often.
*We were both too intimidated by each other in junior high to be friends.
*She can sleep in a bed with me at Shakespeare and choir tour and it's totally fine.
*She makes everyone feel at ease.
*She bites her nails.
*I truly believe she's an princess
*She likes CHOCOLATE.
*She likes her dog.
*She loves her family.
*We can talk about.....anything..."pounce" ;)
*I want to know her forever and ever.

Now you know that I MISS EMILIE JILL. There are so many things I love about Em, but I just had to get a few out right now because I've been thinking about her all day. :) I love you Em! Wish you were here to make me laugh.

Love Always,
Little Besty



Today I...

*Ate noodles in a cup
*Wished I had 13 cents. ;)
*Wanted a bike
*Appreciated Bread, Bananas, and PB
*Loved blue shirts.
*Sang. Sang and sang.
*Felt alone
*Felt safe
*Read about a guy on a mountain. (good book BTW)
*Was the proud receiver of my mother's first text message EVER.
*Loved Gypsy
*Got told I had beautiful eyes. {Yes!}
*Was grateful for Tracy Warby
*Auditioned for choir
*Wanted a job
*Considered that I just might be living with my parents forever...uh...
*Loved first kiss stories
*Wanted to change into a t-shirt
*Got 10 dollars in quarters. {Heck YES laundry!}
*Decided I'm going to travel somewhere where I live in poverty for at least 3 months
*Loved In The Heights
*Mmmm libraries...
*Creeper who remembers my car...haha
*Wished I could be in Granby, MO to wish Elder J a happy 20th b-day
*Thought I was gonna die...a long..phonetic...death.
*Wanted to see my sister's face.
*Saw my face on the front page of the SUU newspaper. HaHa!
*And believe without a doubt that the church is true!!!

Love always,
Little Besty


Blank Faces and Rays of Light

So...I am now an official T-Bird of Southern Utah University. Pretty sweet, eh? Tomorrow if my first day of class and I am so stoked. This weekend has been full of what SUU calls "Flight School" which is basically a type of orientation, but it's more like speakers come and speak to us and we meet all the clubs, get involved, etc. I feel like it's been the longest weekend of my life. It's sort of like EFY, but without the spiritual stuff. So almost every second has been spend being somewhere I have to be.

Except yesterday...

I was done with Flight School by 2:00 PM and had the whole day to myself because Gypsy, my awesome roommate, left till late tonight to visit a friend. Wha? Don't leave me! So I watched a few movies, read some things...thought about life...and for the first time since I left home for Cedar City,

I cried.

The pang of loneliness and feeling uncomfortable in my surrounds attacked and I felt scared.
Ha ha, and this moment hit when I was talking with my good friend on the phone too, so sorry about that! Ally Best is used to just knowing so many faces and feeling at ease. So now I'm thrown into a world where I feel like I'm in elementary school again and I have to start ALL OVER with brand new friends? That's so awful.

But...then I found strength. And guess where? THE SCRIPTS. Obviously. ;) And writing out my feelings as well. How powerful I felt once I finished. I said to myself, "Ally Best, remember what you promised you were going to be like when you came here? Leave any shyness you felt, be strong, confident, talk to others easily and be super friendly, just like you were back home". Smile girl! {P.S. I'm glad I was going through all of this by myself in my room. Gypsy would have probably thought I needed mental help}. I stood in front of my closet and said, "I can do this!"

So? I'm recovering and am "gonna fly" just like I said I would. Class starts tomorrow which is going to be so much better because I'll be busy and involved and have no time for thoughts of anguish. Ya!

I'll put some more pictures up of my new place in a few days. Oh and F.Y.I. I had an audition for the music board to see if I could actually get into the Music Major program and I made it! I sang 2 songs, Et Exultavit and Sally Gardens.  Yipee! Then tomorrow {monday} I have another audition for what choir I am to be placed in. Wish me luck! I'm doing good, I promise. 

I am suddenly reminded of a song:
"Though hard to you,  this journey may appear-
happy day. All is well!"

That hymn is the theme of my spiritual year! All is well. Love you all. 

Love always, 
Little Ally Best


Moments and Overstuffed bags

Here I am, just moments away from jumping in the car to my new place of residence:: CEDAR CITY.

Gee wiz, I have such a good life. That's all I can think about. I have an amazing family...

Who has been there for me since...literally the beginning. Haha! I'm going to miss them...

Well, my bags are waiting to be put in the car! Till next time....when I'll be typing from Cedar City. ;) LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

Little Besty


Thrill Abroad

2 Days...

I sat and thought about {College}...once again-and all the emotions I'm going through. My recent fright and nervousness....and my burst of feeling like I can accomplish anything. Then I realized something that makes me extremely excited to start my new life in Cedar City::


And This::
And guess what? I'm 1/2 hour away from this! These are my cousins' children, and I am so excited to play with them. The two above are Addi and Bridger, and the little sweetie is Carly. They are adorable, precious...you name it. I'm so excited to be a bigger part of their lives!

I can't help but share one more of Bridger::

Don't you just wanna hold that? Ha ha. Yes, there is much goodness in this world. I express my sincere gratitude to my Father above daily for blessing me with such a wonderful life. Here I come world.

Little Besty


Left Fingers and Sabbath Dawns

I just need to post::

It's early in the wee hours of the morning of August 15th, 2010 and am living in the first moment of the last SUNDAY ever before I move out. Huh. This is so odd...

I still have one last minute shopping spree to go, and let's just say:: I AM SO DONE shopping. I have NEVER been a shopping girl. "Hey! Let's go to the mall and shop around!" No. No no. Ya, it's fun to go get a new shirt and get a few things for school, but after 1/2 hour, I am incredibly done and my headache starts attacking my body and I become nasty and grouchy. Yes, shopping is soooo fun. {sarcasm please!} It has its time and place, but not always good for Little Besty.
So I packed all of my clothes today. Haha. Wow. I thought I'd need more space, but it worked out pretty well I'd say. 2 suitcases and POW! Good one Besty.

Oh my. I had the best night ever. My dear "wifey" and I spend precious "besty ch..br.." time before I left for college at SUU, and her to BYU provo. Em? I love you. She came in the door and gave me a bracelet with glitter and everything just like you would get with your childhood best friend that says, "Best Friends Forever". Hers is pink and mine is purple. We had three more so we invited Isaac, Brooklyn, and Ben over to join our club. Haha. So wonderful.
Before the troop came over, Em and I went in search for rings. "wifey"/we don't want to get married in the next year" rings. We found the perfect ones at Target and yes, they are animals. But we still got our diamonds. Mine is a ring with an owl on it {perfect because I love owls in jewelery and in general!} and it's name is Em :D, and Em's is a snake that is so rad, and it's name is Al. We are perfect friends. All the way. We will be friends FOREVER!!!

Seriously? We are the type of friends where we'll be throwing the bridal shower for each other and she'll come to my children's blessing days and baptism days, and I will go to all of hers. We will talk about our husbands together, "pounce", "leopard" hehehe...and will always be there for each other. I just know it. Definitely, she will be a bridesmaid for me! I am a kid when I'm with her and feel like I am on top of the world.

Emilie Jill, I adore thee.

So yes. The night was wonderful and splendid and happy and joyful and phenomenal.

3 days left....
Got my Spagettios, Ramen, Dove chocolate, pictures in the wallet, sticky hangers, clothes, womeness* {be prepared} :), iron, bed risers-SIGN ME UP FOR COLLEGE!

Sleep tight world. I look forward to a day full of special worship. :)

Little Besty


Frusterations and Daylight

Ever gotten frustrated your pictures wouldn't load???

Well I just did.

Well...{*sigh} I guess I'll get over it. But not really. :(
Anyone have suggestions on how to make it easier or faster?

Moving on... I officially have
5 days and counting till I move out for the first time EVER in my little life.
"Are ya scared?"
"Hey, are you excited?"
"Livin' on your own...what a step."

Ya, I've heard them all. So now it's time for the HONEST TRUTH about how I feel leaving everything behind to start a NEW LIFE.
I'm 18, right? I'm small, right? I wish I had Velcro on my shoes still, right? :) So signing your name saying you accept the scholarship, accept your room, accept your meal plan...it's a BIG BIG deal. But here's the thing. It's a
wicked awesome big deal.

I'm a BiG tImE mommy and daddy's girl. I talk to them about anything and everything and just being home makes me so happy. I feel like I belong! And my siblings totally ROCK this world. Every single one of them is so individual and different, that together...we have it all. Whenever I've gone on a long, far away trip, I get homesick FAST and by the last day of the trip I am screaming to get back into the walls of my Highland, UT home.
So...you'd think, "man, this girl is about to have a 4 MONTH vacation...she's gonna be dying". Yes, I'll have days I'm sure where I am aching for my family so hard it hurts literally. I will be able to visit though, and that brings great comfort to me. Yes, I feel this pain and I am terrified to be away from the ones I love.

But...here's a thought I had yesterday.

Dear Ally Best,
You have the potential to become like God right? You will be your own Goddess crowned in eternal glory someday with the vast oceans of eternity surrounding you, yes? Now, you mentioned the word "potential". Potential meaning, you have got to GO somewhere. Your soul has got to GROW like none other and you have got to become the best "YOU" Heavenly Father intended you to be. So, you've had it easy for 18 years, being safe and snug in your Highland life with almost everything provided for you. You've been tested, you've had trials, but over all, life is pretty much amazing.
Now you've gotta jump off that cliff. You've been trained, you've been told how to carry the pack, how to fall and pick yourself back up, you know how the wind feels, what air is best- NOW GO. Go and DO DO DO. Your time has come and now you will find out who you really are and what you believe in. Now you can build your OWN MOUNTAIN. Life will still be "pretty much amazing", but how about making it "
very much amazing" because...wow. You did it all by yourself. You were born to do this. Everything is on your side. Fly my little one, FLY!

Love, Me

So? Though the family and norm of life will be sorely missed, I CAN'T WAIT to jump off that cliff and feel my own wind on my face. I can't wait to wake up in the morning and know I'm 100% responsible to make everything happen that day. Managing money, washing all my clothes, getting all my food alone, getting to class, learning how to do things I've never done...its gonna be GREAT. And I can't wait. Life is just waiting for me and I just wanna jump into it! Yes, I'm stoked for college and will do my best. Because it's in my name!

Take care world. Till next time.

Little Besty


Dedication to THE greatest Singles Ward in the Universe::

I looked up the definition of "ward" online today and found that, when used as a verb, it can mean "the act of keeping guard or protective watch". Now, though that may not be the definition of a ward in the LDS church which I am a member of, it describes exactly what the Larsen Park Singles Ward has been for me.

I was one of the "crazy" ones I guess that was EXTREMELY excited to begin experiencing Singles Ward life. New people, camp-outs where boys can be present :D, but above all, a whole new spirit. First day I went to my new ward I said to myself, "this is home". The spirit was riveting off the walls and though I only knew a handful of people, I felt loved and cared about.

My experience has grown to a blessed opportunity. The young adults in my ward are phenomenal. And that is an understatement. I have made so many new friends that I know I'll have for life. We may not see each other often once we go our separate ways, but when we do-the connection will still be there. I feel like I'm apart of another family....and I love it. All the activities have been MUCHO WONDERFUL. Sundays are my favorite x10. I love going to church, gospel topics, ward prayer, etc because I know without a doubt that I will feel the spirit. My brothers and sisters are sitting next to me and I want to do everything I can to make sure they're happy.

The picture above is of Little Miss Kennedy. She's Bishop Madsen's youngest daughter and can I just tell you? I hope I have a little girl just like her. This shot is displaying her famous "poking" that she does to me constantly. :)

I'm leaving this ward soon...and might I say that though I am excited for my new college ward at SUU, I will sorely miss my dear friends in the Larsen Park Ward. :)


A New Day*

Well, here I am. My first day as an official "blogger". Gee, there's so much...space in this universe to fill up with words. Wouldn't you agree? I can just type and type and type and type to my hearts content. Maybe no one will ever see this, but at least I'm sharing my world, right? :D

So here's what you need to know about MY world::

The name of my blog, Little Besty, just...describes everything I am. "Little", because I stand a fantastic 4'11 3/4" and usually act like I'm still a child whenever possible. Being an avid fan of Peter Pan* I can say I am a firm believer in keeping the childhood spirit in your life every single day. Besty? Well, my last name is Best, so some of my dear friends just made it Besty and that was that. Plus, when I was in high school, my drama teacher called my little....admirers?{I don't know, he was the one with the crazy idea} "Besties" and from that point the term "Besty" meant you were a fan. Don't ask me. I don't believe it, but what can ya do.

I think I'll call my future fishy or puppy or birdie Little Besty. Yep, it's decided. ;)

What else about my world? I've decided every time I blog, I'll tell you something about it. Share a bit of my "earth" with you. Till then, Best Wishes. Stay Strong. The Son's on your side. ;)

Love Always,
Little Besty