The Fire

Even though I feel like
I never have time to stand
and rest at Subway,
I actually get to think.

After all,
I spend half
of my day there.

The other day
I got to thinking
about some serious prayer.

It's quite a big deal
in my life.

I thought about times
in my life
when I prayed so hard,
I thought my head was
literally going to explode.

That day,
I had that experience
once again.

As I pleaded for an
and little tears fell down
my face...
I got a little upset.

I was getting an
idea of the answer...
and I wasn't too pleased with it.

Not because of my displeasure
of what I was supposed to do,
but because I realized
I should have used more wisdom
and taken the hint.

He gives us comfort,
which is what I was seeking.
But sometimes,
He's got to let us go through
the "refiner's fire".

"Ah, yes.
I should have guessed!"

Refiner's fire
isn't exactly a process
that feels like melted chocolate,
but it sure knows how to change
a person...
and make them stronger...
not just softer.

Instead of greeting
the fire with tears,
maybe next time
I'll put on my
pilot goggles,
biker gloves,
and say,

"Bring it on!!!"

And with that thought,
I smiled,
turned my head,
and said,
"Welcome to Subway".

Love always,
Little Besty



I know that when I fall
asleep to thoughts of cash-ins,
dream about them,
and then wake up to those thoughts...

I may be scared/stressed.

Why do I always get to anxious
about this stuff?

Oh wait.
Because I'm still
a new bean in the stock.

I'm talking about Subway.
And tonight they were crazy
enough to put ME in charge.

I've realized A LOT
from working there
that I can really use,
even as a wife, mother,
and woman.

let's just highlight one today,
shall we?

When you work at a
food place,
you see tons of people
come and go.

Little kids
holding on to mommy.
A group of boys gettin'
together for a bite.
Girls just getting off
of work.

Angry customers.
Happy customers.

Can I just say?
The ones with the smiles
or I feel like TOTALLY
understand what I'm going
through on the other side...
are the greatest humans on earth.

Their whole world
doesn't resolve around
a sandwich.

If I make a little mistake,
they laugh it off and
just say,

Thank you,
You keep me from
crying so many times.

I will ALWAYS be this type
of customer,
because I now understand
the training that the
"other side" had to go through
to be there.
Maybe it's their first week.
Maybe they had a really bad
day at home before they came.
Maybe they've worked a lot of hours
and don't think they can
make it to the next minute.

But they can make it
when they know that
some stranger...

This week,
I would especially like to thank
Mr. Beard Man.

Thank you for telling me
stories about your
cucumber heartburn.

It really does make my day.

And last week,
the young man who
sighed in happiness
at the way I put
on the tomatoes.
"Wow. Now THAT'S
what I'm talkin' about!
You, my dear, are an artist.
There's a type of art I studied
and my sandwich looks like that
because of you.
Thank you".

Thank YOU!
Come into my store


Have a good one, my friends.

And remember to be
a nice customer.

Love always,
Little Besty


To "Cuz"

Remember that one time
when I used to blog like crazy?

Oh wait.

Don't worry.
This summer has
zapped me of all

Not on my own accord,
for serious sake,
but zapped nonetheless.

Here's to hoping
I get more free time...
to write.


I woke up this morning,
and this is who I missed.

Ah, cousin.
I sure hope California
is treatin' you well...

You always knew
how to make me feel better
on the bad days,
and the fantastic ones.

One of my favorite memories
of you is when I just
needed someone to listen
and you sat with me,
on J's stage,
and listened for 2 hours.

Even with everyone wanting
your attention,
you stayed with me.

Then a few weeks later,
you took me to Subway
and we chatted again
at a pretty place.

When I auditioned
for the movie,
you were so encouraging.

How many times
have I had the absolute
privilege to be on stage
with you and had the
chance to watch you...
you always made me cry
with your genuine nature
and devotion to your craft.

Always, you've been
my comfort and support.

If any of you know
Jonny Walker,
you know what I'm
talking about.

Love you,
Elder Walker!
Miss you.

Love always,
Little Besty
Your favorite cousin*


...and counting

99 days left,
my friends.


Love always,
Little Besty
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Yeah for America!

I want to post about my 4th, too!

Welcome to the
celebration of
Independence Day
at the
"Best" Home.
{no pun intended}*

Our 4th was a bit more relaxed
than most this year.

And guess what?
We were all TOTALLY
cool with that.

After every single person
in our family
endured a hectic week previous,
a Monday to sit and breathe
{with popsicles}
sounded splendid.

Don't worry,
I started the "relaxing"
day off right by getting up
at 5:30 AM!
Not to mention
a half hour of sleep
behind me.

but it really did feel
good once I got off my pillow.

I ventured off to Provo
to meet up with my
High School Musical buddies,
because guess what!

We were in the Provo parade!

Apart from the exhaust
blasting in my lungs
and the heat,
I actually was in love.

I love performing.
I mentioned to our music
director last night
that I can only go so long
without being in a show.

My heart needs it!

William participated
in the marching band, as well.

Can I just say?
I love you, William
for walking in the blasting heat
in the blasting hot uniform.


After the parade,
we all took a little nap.
The whole fam.
It felt gooooood.

it was off to the fireworks.

Now here's the deal.
We Best's don't just like fireworks.

One year,
my sister was so obsessed
that she spend the whole summer
going to all the city day firework shows.

Hurrah, Leafy.

There's just something about them
that fascinates me.

As we all laid out under the sky
with sparks above us,
I thought about how much
this country means to me...
and how it couldn't be so
without Heavenly Father's

we have things that we
aren't proud of,
but we have NO IDEA
how blessed we truly are.
The fact that we can get up
in the morning,
take a shower,
get ready,
get in a car
and drive to Walmart to get milk
is A LOT more than
the majority of the world can do.

So stop hatin' on the AC
that isn't cold enough
and take a second
to see the bigger picture. ;)

*We are rather blessed, in our home, to have an
addition to the family that happens
to be from a little place across the ocean,
called England.

Celebrating the 4th of July gives a bit of a chuckle, for Sir Thomas comes from the side we were fighting against.
{Hahaha}. However, it just isn't that big of a deal.
My mommy said something pretty sweet about the subject.
"Guess what, guys?
In the end, we're all from there, anyway."

It's true!
My family heritage is rooted
in England.


I love America!!!

*Hope you all had a lovely 4th*

Love always,
Little Besty


Welcome to Life

"Oh, life."

I seem to be saying
that more and more
under my breath
these days.

As I reflect back
on this week,
I feel like it's
a whole other world.

Is that MY life?


The reason for lack of posts
in the last few...
has been simply
from an overload
of a little thing
"My Life".

Oh ya.
I've had ten million
things pop into my
head of what I could
write about,
but as I sat at the
I felt that day
just wasn't my day
to share.

I've been spending time
soaking up the rest
of your thoughts.

Does that happen to you?
Fast and testimony meeting
comes along
and you would totally go up,
but you feel like it's
your day to sit and listen
to others thoughts instead?

I'm ready for
sharing time

how life changes

No one is living
the life they were
living 10 years ago.

No one is even living
the life they were
living 10 months ago.

We all have our
we're living in.

My chapter currently
is working
more than I ever have
in my life,
spending time with family
and supporting friends,
and being involved
in a theater production.

And you know what?
It's good.

I have days where
I wish I was back to
the life of working
as a high school student
and not having to worry
about a job to support myself,
but then I am grateful
for my "new life",
for I have the privilege
of feeling the joy
of being responsible in
a new way that feels great.

I'm tired in different ways
these days,
but I love my life
because I am growing
and learning
and living.

if I ever have another day
where I feel like if one more
thing changes in my life,
I might pass away,
I find happiness
because there is one part
of it that never changes.


The beautiful gospel
of Jesus Christ.
The principles I learn
at church.
The sacrament.
The atonement.
The love of the Savior
and the Father.
Having the ability
to pray to God
whenever I want to.
Being able to nurture
my non-shakeable
testimony daily.

I'm growing up
and taking on different
responsibilities and changes,
but that's life.

And it's wonderful.

I am grateful
for this chance to share
my thoughts and emotions
on a page.

It soothes me.

May you find joy
in your life this week.

Love always, Little Besty