Kids Will Be Kids

The other week, Chad Edward and I found some time to go on a date.
Since he did so much for me on the mish, I decided it was only fair that I organize a bunch of dates for us to go on when we found the time. So, we decided to do the childhood date. :)
Kids can only have kid food {obviously :)}, so I made chicken nuggets with fruit, and kool-aid. And don't worry. Chad acted like a complete child at the dinner table. :) 
Next, we made self-portraits of each other {coloring!} and we had quite the crazy results. 
Chad spent 5 years on my picture....ha ha and wow. I can't say I've ever seen myself as a half bee, but what can I say. 

This was our....worship of the potato head....

We seem to be a lot happier when we spend more time together, ya know? We're like a little princess and prince, instead of goblins-which can sometimes happen when we have a rough day. 

He's my best friend...yes indeed. 

Love always. 

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