George Albert is one of my favorite people. Like really. We've been studying his teachings this year in Relief Society and I am LOVIN' IT. 

I also teach Relief Society, which is an adventure all in its own. :) So I REALLY get to delve into his lessons. It's the coolest privelage ever. Ya know, I really believe he was called of God. This man was inspired...by abiding by the spirit. He knew what was up. This is something truly remarkable...and seek after. 

The lesson I got to talk about today was sustaining those who we sustain. At first glance, it may just seem like a usual lesson where we learn to lift our hand and sustain the bishop, prophet, etc-and that's the end of it. But it's not! Oh by golly, it's not! It gets so much better, just wait. :)

It's a sacred privilege to sustain. Do you know we're actually making a covenant with our Father in Heaven when we raise our hand? We are committing to work together with that leader-to do our part to the greatest capacity within ourselves. 

So....when a new family is announced to the ward, and we raise our hand, we are committing, with all that is within us, to help that family out. To welcome them. To love them. To take care of the kids if they need it. To be the first one there if someone goes to the hospital. It's a bigger deal than I think we all realize. 

Be dirt. {You like-wha?} Ha ha, let me explain. Those baby plants need soil, babe! They need something to nourish those roots of theirs! They need the support of every person possible. They need DEFENDERS. Ones who are gonna fight for them. And you're enlisted. :)

With this support comes building myself up, ya? There's no way I'm gonna be able to help that neighbor out if I myself am not strong and firm. So taking that time for you? That's not a bad thing. You need it! You need that nourishment. So I don't need to feel bad if I take that 15 minutes to myself to ponder or read or do something that's gonna build me up. 

By standing up and being an example through what I'm doing on a daily basis, in every circumstance- I'm helping out. I'm supporting-and doing my job. 

Wow. Isn't this the coolest stuff ever?! I just think it rocks. So much more than socks. 

These people are some of my favorites ever, too. Here's Lehi, trying to do as the Lord asks, and the people simply won't listen. This is what we SHOULDN'T do to sustain our leaders. Then there's exquisite Mary. So open to the Lord's guidance...I love her. 

Anyways, just thought I'd share a little of my day. :) Happy Sabbath. 


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