R.I.P Parkers

It was possibly
the saddest moment
in my existence.

Waiting for my last order
ever to be filled at Parker's.

Whose maddening idea
was it to close that place down?

You know how long
that place has been open?

My dad and mom
have memories
of traveling clear from
sandy and salt lake to eat
at this place.

{Not saying by comparing
how long it's been open to my
parents' live span means
I'm expressing thought that
they're old. ;)}


I must tell you...
the most comforting food
at anytime in my life-
whether that be a long day at school,
non-enjoyable rainy weather
{which rarely happens},
time with my family,
or a quick stop in the middle
of a rush with mom and william-
Parker's Fries
always soothed my soul.

They really are THE BEST
fries to ever exist on the planet.

They aren't whimpy
like other places
who sell strips of straw
and call it tasty.

They're thick,
lightly dowsed in just the right amount
of salt,
and warm to the lips and mouth.

and the fry sauce just
makes the experience
4 million guzillion happymillion
times better.

Oh baby.

Since it's closing this week,
my fam took a special night out
on my Daddy's birthday
to enjoy the last of our beloved

If you see me on December 30th,
don't judge if you see tears
rolling down my face.

What a way to go out in style.
We sat in the car, all together,
and enjoyed every last savoring
bite unless all the fry sauce
containers were licked dry.

I'll miss you,
dear Parker's.

You will never be forgotten.

Love always,
Little Besty

Bros Rock

I have radical brothers

All of them are super-freakish
men who have talents reaching
to infinity and beyond.

Crazy talk.
I know.

About a week ago,
I went to one of my
brother's concerts.

Ya know.
Bunch of kids
crammed in a house
with M&M's, lights,
and good good tunes
brought to you by bands.

my brother's is the best. ;)

But really.

If I heard the songs I heard
that night on the radio
or anywhere,
I would buy the CD in a flash.

This time around,
my lil bro, William
got to help out a bit.

How sweet.

Don't worry folks.
I'll admit I got a few little
tears that weren't caused by the
carpet in my eyes that night.

Love you, bros.
You're already famous
in my eyes.

Love always,
Little Ally



you just need people.

You love them.
And nothing will ever,
in 5 million dog years...

change that.

They can be the most random people
in your life.
But they can still have a huge impact
on a chunk of your beating heart.

Like the wind..
they may just pass through.

But for some reason,
I know I'm gonna hang out
with them again.

Whether that's eating Spagettios
in heaven,
or seeing their incredibly cute
children trick or treat at your door-
they're gonna be back.

The thought brings little tears to my eyes. :)

Happy day.

Love always,
Little Besty



Don't worry.

I still exist.

And a lot of blog posts
are in the making and
are on their way.

Let's just get the finals done,
and my little self back to
home sweet home,
and then they'll begin!

P.S. I'm happy. :)

Love always,
Little Besty


Mr. J and People

sweet saturday.
{This was written on Saturday}

It's always a good day when
I pull out the glasses,
braid my hair,
put on the loose button-up,
and have red-painted fingernails.


And I studied.

But it was all good because
I did so in the institute building
with absolutely no souls around,
and also with Janese at her house,
which was superb beyond reason.

I love that woman.
And I'm going to miss her so.


I've discovered
that I have failed to update
the world on Mr. J and myself. ;)

Before we begin, however,
you must play this song
while you read.

It just soothes my soul.
Mmmm hmmm. ;)

So it would take an awfully
long time to recapture all
the moments we've had together
in the past while,
but I'll just highlight a few.

A few weeks after he came home,
his brother, Ryan, and sister-in-law, KacyAnn
{and himself, of course},
came to Cedar City
to spend the weekend. ;)

We got in the car and went to Leeds,
which is where KacyAnn's grandparents live.

There house is AWESOME.
They have stuff from all over the world
in there.
Not to mention the coolest fish EVER
in their pond.

I don't think I could have been more pleased.
We were treated like king and queens!

We went on countless adventures
from touring the town, to hiking around,
to watching Tangled
and How To Train A Dragon
{which Chad was seeing for the first time},
to gettin' in the hot tub,
and reading scriptures with my man ;),
to playing parcheesi and silently

Ah. It was the best.

{Did I mention I love it when he does that?^}

After our little hiking adventure,
we went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard
in St. George.

{Ya...I like that boy}

Let's be real.
I forgot how easy and utterly fulfilling
it was to just hang out with him.

It's better than Christmas,
my friends.
All the sudden,
the world makes sense
and you know they'll love you
no matter what you do.

To be loved for being just



On to our next update. ;)
{That I actually have pictures for...}

A few weeks ago,
we had Pie Night.
Here's Ryan, KacyAnn, Chad and I
at that event. :)

I would show more photos
of the family and friend ordeal,
complete with pies well over the
double digits,
I may or may not have accidentally
deleted the photos?

Not intentional.

But yes.
Pie Night is only the greatest night
to be invented ever in the history of life.

Thank you, Leafy,
for thinking about the genius idea
that we now celebrate every year.

Millions of pies
{in the eyes of a little one},
Mexican dip, chips and crackers,
CHEESEBALL, veggies,
topped off with your outstanding family
and fantastic friends,
and you got a night to remember.

Talk about feeling loved
and understanding why we're given
each other. ;)

I just feel so....happy-
and content about life
and stuff. :)

And Mr. J
is just the most phenomenal person.
He makes me so happy every day...

I think he's a keeper,

I shall conclude this post for now.
But be ready for more to come! ;)

May you all have a splendid finals week
and if you aren't currently a student,
may you enjoy this Christmas season
of cheeryness. :)

Love always,
Little Besty

Align Center


Beat up

I am really happy when I sing.

One time,
I thought singing wasn't for me

I felt beat up.
Like it could only be for fun
and that I needed to become
something like an English teacher instead.

It was like I was just
"another person with a voice".

I was done.
And done with the stage.

Then I got a little blessing.
And it gave me encouragement
to keep at...for a very long time
past what I was thinking
in my beat up head.


What is it inside words and feelings
that change us?
That cause the heart and brain
to "re-wire" and be happy again
after a time of unrest?

I don't have the answer
to that question.
I'm still figuring it out.

But I do know,
it happens.
And it's possible.

I can re-wire.
My dreams can come back
into the picture,
even after I feel like
I don't stand a chance

Happy weekend!

Love always,
Little Besty


Oooh ya.

I'm scared.
And {really} concerned.

But that's ok.
Because if I didn't get scared?

I would take "safe" for granted.


You know what I love?


Those little things that just
make your heart want to explode into
1,000 pieces
and scatter like flecks of sunlight.

Like today.
I was sitting in my little education class,
and the girl sitting next to me...
well, she's super cool.

You know those one people
that you stare at {not creepy, I promise}
and admire and just think they're the greatest?
And you swear you would be best friends?

...except you've never said a single word to them?

I don't know if it's intimidation.
Or what.

Well, today?
I broke that barrier.

Oh ya!
I rock!

{Pick the tune of your choice,
and set them to my fab. lyrics}
"Uh-huh. I'm sweet. Party over here-
here-here-here! Ya!}


So I asked her about something
I've been dying to ask her about,
{which I won't say for the sake of
keeping secrets}
and then suddenly...


I was sooo pleased.


Another moment.
So...we're singing this song
with the band and stuff-
and maybe we aren't incredible-YET,
but I cannot describe the feeling
when the drum is rolling,
the trumpets are blazing,
Dr. Baker punching the chord {not literally},
and opening my mouth and telling the world,
through melodies and sound,
about how extremely happy
and overjoyed I am to have my Savior.

And that I know He's real. :)

Now that...
is a moment.

I like moments.

They make me feel like I could...
I don't know...

I hope you're all having a superb time
with your lives.

We got it good, folks.

Love always,
Little Best