When you first see these words,
you may visualize something to do with:
-People who can't control themselves.

Today, I took a step back
and looked at these two words with
a different scope.

Let's talk about fire.

It's been known to burn
cities, books, hearts, and even people.
It causes solids to melt.
I want you to put on your
monocles, goggles, or lenses,
and give this word a chance.

Fire cleanses.
It makes s'mores, which produce intense happiness.
I completely believe it's magical.
I mean, a little flick of a stick with a red thing
on the end, and it produces a little stream
of heat which sparkles and glows?

Ya, that's magic.

Fire warms like nothing else.
You know those times you've pondered
by the campfire?
Do you think your pondering would have
been as successful in the dark?
Or did that source of deep light influence your
little, beautiful thoughts?

Fire is strength.
It gives me reason to hope.
In times passed,
I've lit a candle for those who
have left us.
It gives me hope that I'll
see them once more.

Fire helps assist in change.
Take Fahrenheit 451
for example.
Now, I know in that book
that in a literal sense,
the fire is destroying a source
of knowledge,
what we call books.

But let me share a different view about that fire.
In that book, he had a desire to CHANGE.
He wanted to change the norm.
He had enough.
Would this have happened without the fire?
I think the fire inspired something within him.
It helped him to change.

And there I give you fire.

Now let's talk about power.

Doesn't that just make your bones quake?


I mean, sheesh.
Watch out, buddy.
You're gonna hurt yourself
using that word.

...if used in the wrong way.

Read this quote for me.

You BET.

Oh my!
This couldn't be more true!

Do you think power is being misused here?
Is it bringing down cities?
Hurting others?
Causing others pain?

How about:
Bringing up cities.
Building others.
And causing them to find true joy.

Sometimes in the story,
we feel like we can't avoid the end
of the chapter.
"Of course the bad guy is going to win.
There's no way they're going to survive".

But. They. Do.
They change that story,
my friends.

We have the power to change lives.
To change the course of our paths
and look up.

Power can produce infinite love.
Look at our Heavenly Father and Savior.

The masters of power
know how to use that beautiful gift-
and share it with all of us.

Isn't that cool?

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Power is phenomenal.
Fire is radiant.

Now take off your glasses-
and see what is before you.

They're still exquisite,
aren't they?

Soak in the perspective,

It's simply thrilling.


Let them change your life.

Love always,
Little Besty



Audrey knew what she was talkin' about.

Have you noticed that the girls who
really laugh all the time
and just have a permanent, natural
little half crooked grin on their face
are completely and utterly...

I have this one lady I'm thinking of
in particular this evening
as I ponder these little threads of thought.

Elizabeth Miller.
{Forgive me for not knowing her middle name}

If you know her,
you know what I'm talking about.

She literally radiates.
And you want to know why?

Because she's figured out
how to find the stardust
in everything.

Now you say,
What do I mean by that?

I'll tell ya.

Some people just get it.
They realize that even in
that scoop of ice cream that now
lays at your feet from the fault of
there is good.

"I like the contrast of ice cream
and pavement better anyway".

Get my point?

Elizabeth understands this.
And I love her dearly for it.

Be happy,
{and men ;)}

It's gonna make all the difference.

Love always,
Little Besty


Date with Mr. J

I must admit,
at first,
every time I write out
Mr. J on posts,
I think of my drama teacher
so we may have to get a new name
for my sweetheart.

For now,
I'll have you all know
that this is Mr. Chad Edward Johnson
I'm talking about,
not my former teacher!

So, anyway...

About a week ago,
Chad and I decided to
have some time to ourselves
and go on an actual date.

Sure, you spend every second
but to set aside some time to
go and do something
is such an awesome thing.

We decided that
one last dinner to Parker's
was the only option for food,
so that's what we did.

I technically had
my last visit the week before
with my family,
but I just HAD to have another fry
before it closed forever.

He was pretty upset....

After our scrumptious feast,
we journeyed up to Salt Lake.

I was the one planning the date,
so I made it a surprise for what
we were doing.

However...he guessed pretty fast.

We went to the Gallivan Center
and went ice-skating!

I went here last year,
and you got your skates
and such in this tent.

Which I have to say was pretty sweet.

But this year,
they totally upgraded.

They build this building,
but this lights everywhere around
the rink with pretty colors,
and bottom-line,
it's SUPER legit now.

Oh my.

{And I have to mention that's Hot Cocoa ;)}

Can I just say...
Ice-skating is 8042095235 guzillion times
better with your sweetheart.

Just sayin'.

It was a lovely evening
and I look forward to many more
dates to come!

Love always,
Little Besty



Did I ever mention
how much I love being
involved with the stage?

It's my absolute fav.
It fills up my heart.
Waters it...
like when there's the crackily dirt
in the flower pot,
then you pour water on it
and it gets all moist
and stuff?

That's what being on the stage
does to Miss Best.

Love always,
Little Besty


Get with it

I'm not always the perfect blogger. I go through-out my day with countless ideas for posts, but just never quite get around to them. Don't you worry, I have 4 million photos I could put on, but time always gets the best of me, and I put it off and off and off and off.

Well, this next year is going to be full of lots and lots of goodies ;), and I must document all of it! So, let's hear it for Ally's new goal/resolution/I just need to get with it period of my life. ;)
For there is always a need for a good story.