At the beginning of my senior year in high school, Chad took me to Homecoming. Yes, he was graduated but we were best friends and he was about to leave for his mission, so we thought it would be fun to go together! For part of our day date, the boys took us to this wonderful park in SLC and we took some pictures. There was this one in particular that we took in front of a door with some pillars. I didn't pay too much mind to it till all the sudden, my best friend became my loyal pen-pal on the mish, which turned to writing to my true love ;), which turned to dating when he got back, which turned to engagement...etc, etc. Chad ALSO proposed to me at this park, so I thought it only a must that we reenacted the picture now that we were engaged!

So then on our 1st anniversary, we went to the same park after doing some sealings at the Salt Lake Temple (where we were married!). Of course, we had to take the same picture in the same place once again! And yes, I was largely pregnant, so it was fun to see the drastic differences in the progression of the photos. :) Almost 4 years in the making for this little sequence!

Date. Engagement. 1 year of marriage + baby. Who knew. :) I love my best friend!!!!

Ally JO


My little Man

I was going through my husband's pictures on his computer and found some real treats. :) Must I say, not to brag or anything {I'm going to anyway}, but my husband was a SUPER CUTE kid. Like, seriously? Such a "to die for" boy.

Oh my GOODNESS!!!! Look how adorable!

So cute. 

Chad has ALWAYS been a super smiley, happy person. I mean, look at these photos! I swear he came out of the birth canal smiling. And I love that he is STILL so positive and high spirited. There have been numerous days where I was sad or upset and Chad got me to laugh within seconds of entering the room. That's why I married him! Love you, sweetheart. :) 

I'm so lucky!

Ally Jo


Sweet Finds

Shortly after we took Charlotte's newborn photos, we lost our memory card! We were just sick about it because it had a lot of pictures from the hospital and what not. I was so heart broken because she was just 2 weeks old when we took her pictures and all the other photos were priceless! But, luckily Chad had uploaded some of them at the hospital and I hurried and took more newborn photos of Charlotte {the ones that are on Facebook}. Well, a few months ago, WE FOUND THE MEMORY CARD! It was SUCH a relief and a real treat to look at her pictures again! Here's just a few I wanted to share. What a precious girl! She was so tiny...can't believe it!

What a sweetheart!!!

Ally J