Yeah, I'm profesh.

I had the most coolest beyond fantastical experience today! I marked an item of the bucket list, kids!

Do you realize what  phenomenal weight that holds?!

My friends? Today, Alison Best recorded, for reals. Like, studio, professional recorder, and the works. I was completely pleased, no doubt about that.

My brilliant beyond neighbor, Aaron Merrill and myself finally found time after 2 years of trying to get together and record. So, it wasn't just a sudden urge or thought. It's been a long time comin'.

I can't even tell you what it's like....to sit next to this guy and hear your voice coming through the speakers....it's you. And you don't sound all that bad. :) It's like this, "Dude......". I had moments where I totally just wanted to rock out, with my hands on the headphones-ya know how you see it in the clips of artists and such. :) Ha ha.

I recorded the song, "May I Serve Thee" by Tammy Simister Robinson. So obviously, I didn't write it, but we had her brilliant minus track that she was so gracious to let me use, and we just added my voice, and Aaron's crazy awesome mixing ability. I am SO grateful for him and his talents. I don't think he realizes just how big a deal it was what he did today. He made a little girl's dream come true!

It takes SO much work, just for one song, and I was so stoked to sit and watch everything he does. It's incredible how much goes into one song! It's so special.

Ya. He COMPLETELY rocks. :) Here's to hoping for more recording in my future!

Love always.

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