AUNTIE ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I'm all sorts of behind, it's totally find that I'm just BARELY telling the universe about my most happiest of all happenings!

Guess what?! {For those not already aware}

I'm gonna be an aunt!
The first babe of the siblings!

Oh man. 

If you really know Ally Best, 
you know this is utterly the most fantastic thing 
in the universe.
1. Because I LOVE BABIES. 
2. My one and only sister having her first baby 
is the greatest most glorious thing ever.
3. More family....true joy!

Plus...people? This is my sister we're talking about. Only the most gorgeous, phenomenal, purely classy, beautiful creature ever to live on this earth. Now imagine that being your mother. Ya, this crazy kid is the luckiest thing alive to have my sister, Leafy, as their mommy. 

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention!-

Baby Boy Robertson


I'm completely pleased. 

Hooray for babies! Hooray for nephews! Hooray for my dearest sister, Elise! Hooray for Sir Thomas! Hooray for Mommy and Daddy for becoming Grandparents! HOORAY!

Love always.

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