World Penguin Day

When I found such a day existed,
I practically exploded into 787238974 pieces.

It's true.
April 26th
World Penguin Day.

Who knew,

So, I thought I'd share a few
pics of the adorable little creatures
to celebrate.

^The above are some of the weirdest,
but they're still cute!

Ah. Why wouldn't you want one of those?

Can't forget this beauty.

Buh. So cute.

They're so fluffy!

And here's my favorite kind.
You have to share what you love
with someone you love,
so these ones are called
Mr. of the future Ally Best
{Mr. ABS for short}
and Mrs. ABS.

And to top it all off,
my dearest penguins of all.

Watch one of my favorite episodes

Oh, they're incredible.

Happy World Penguin Day
to our fellow birdie friends!

Love always,
Little Besty



Ah, what a day to rejoice in my Savior.

In the last few minutes of Easter,
I picked up my journal
and found myself speechless.
The pen could not write.

All of you reading this know
that trying to describe the feeling
of love you have for the Savior
personally is downright
impossible to describe.

Even with this struggle,
I found some jumble of words
to put in a paragraph
that expressed my gratitude to my
beloved Redeemer.

Then the pen stopped.

Suddenly, a gentle
reminder came into my heart.
And my spirit became full with His love.

And here is what came next onto the page.

"I have covenanted with my
Father above and Savior to
always remember him,
which creates a world full of
continual Easters.:)"

Just like we say at Christmas time,
everyday is a celebration
of Christ and His life,
not just on December 25th
and Easter Sunday.

I rejoice with the same exuberance
as I do on Easter,
every single moment of my life.

He lives.

And my testimony of that fact
will never falter.

May you feel his
and never-ending

for you.

Love Always,
Little Besty


Rest in Him

I feel....a soothing calmness
as I get ready to rest this night.

It's not like anything profound or poetic
happened today to cause this.

Maybe it's simply from
the things that matter most.

A hug from someone who cares.
Breathing in fresh air.
Being able to feel...the hearts of men.
Having the ability to connect with my Father.
Embracing my family.

To live.
What a blessing it is to live.

In whatever time we have,
may we cherish the precious
"moments" and gifts we have
so graciously been given.

I find my rest in Him.

All my love.

Love always,
Little Besty


6 more months as a MG

April 14th
may seem like any other day.

But not for me.

I thought about this day.
I dreamed about it,
but did I ever see it coming?

It is still becoming a reality.

As I danced out the door this morning,
I knew no one or nothing was going to rain
on my parade.

Because of
Eggs and Toast.
Red Jello.
Strawberries and Creme.
Juice Boxes.
Purple Grapes.
Scented Letters.
A Belt with Speakers
which all leads to this:

I venture to say that this would make
any girl ecstatic beyond all comprehension

6 more months till he gets off that plane,
brightly beaming from a indescribable
2 years.

What a 2 years it has been.
Let's be real.
I never thought this day would ever come.
Waking up to the day that means
6 more months and a wonderful 18
behind me.

I am the luckiest MG
{a.k.a missionary girl}
in the entire universe.

My Best Friend,
Elder C. Johnson
who will soon be home once again.

A suit bearing a Name Tag with
"Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"
inscribed upon it definitely ups
the already incredible attractiveness
of this individual.
Not gonna lie.

To celebrate this phenomenal
April 14th,
I find it appropriate to share a few
mission pics. ;)

He definitely never lost
his A1 stud-sauce of man steakness.
Two years had been gooooood to him!

I cannot begin to describe
what a fantastic experience
it has been to have my Best Friend
serving the Lord for 2 years.

I didn't think Chad Edward Johnson
could get any better,
but I guess it's possible.

The feeling when reading those letters...
hearing him describe how awesome
it feels to have an investigator filled
with light ask to become a member
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
To read the words on the page saying
how he has come to know God
like he never has before.

All of this makes every minute worth it.
I would do this time and time again
for the mere fact that he is having
time to nurture his relationship
with his Heavenly Father who loves him dearly
and for the happiness that is brought to my fellow
sisters and brothers in another part of the world,
as well as to my Best Friend through feeling
the power of this great and marvelous work.

He is simply an amazing Elder.
I am astounded at his strength
and pure, real faith in Jesus Christ.
He is firm and steadfast.
I would say "on fire" is a bit
of an understatement to describe
him on his mission.

I am so proud of my dear Elder C. Johnson.
I have never felt closer to him,
even though he is hundreds of miles away.

What miracles and happiness comes from
serving the Lord.

Reading his letters has been
a bigger blessing to me than I think
he realizes.
How many times was I having a
difficult day and a letter in the mailbox
drastically changed my attitude and perspective.
I have been greatly blessed with this experience.

I love you, my Elder!
"Tear it up". :)

See you in 182.5 days.*

Love Always,
Little Besty


When You Say

You know how you hear a song
and you absolutely love it
and want to remember it forever,
but don't make a note of
the name of it,
so it's lost from your mind forever?

Ya, I do that all the time.

So I've been doing this new thing
where I keep index cards by
my computer and fill them
to my heart's content
when I brilliant song comes
into my head or I hear one somewhere.

It's been quite helpful.

Can I be honest for a second?
I hear songs and think,
"Oh, I want that played
in my wedding video or on the
dance floor at my reception or
I want to sing that at my luncheon
with my hubby."

How awful that I forget them!

So when I get to that day,
{as close or far as it may be}
I don't want to be staring with a blank
brain when the one putting together
the music asks what I want.

Girls can think these things, right? ;)
Just like they can plan every
detail of their wedding when they're 12.

Tis normal.

Anyway, so I have one
I want to share with you all.
It's actually my favorite.

"When You Say"
By Gabe Bondoc

{If my link doesn't work,
LOOK IT UP on youtube.}

I know you'll love it.
Saying I adore it
is sort of an understatement.

May you drift off
into thoughts of your
special someone.

Love always,
Little Besty


Yummy Spicy Tacos

Can I share something with you all?
It might be a bit personal, so I warn you now.
{Mommy? I say sorry in advance
for telling something not-so-lady-like.}

I get Tacos.
Yep, I just said that.
Under the armpit,

You BET.

Maybe this explains my
unexplainable love of Mexican food...

The other day I had put on a brand new
shirt my mommy had bought me over the
weekend and, to my dismay,
within an hour of my first class...


I know there's probably some scientific
reason why human bodies have to do
this sort of thing,
but did we really have to create this?

So, I walk into my room with a puppy frown
on my face and Gypsy asks what's wrong.

{Baby voice}
"Gypsy...I hate Tacos."

The reason why I post about this
what should be embarrassing body function?

Ya, it's frustrating and sort of odd,
but in all reality?
Despite the sighs and puppy frowns,
I actually don't really care.

He loves me no matter what
goes on under my armpits.

My name is Alison Best.
I like to drink milk out of the carton.
I double-dip.
And I get Tacos.

Have a wonderful week!

Love always,
Little Besty



As I snuggle up
with my steaming
Cup O' Noodles,
all I can think about is
my daddy.

Oh, daddy.

The fact that I watched
"Father of the Bride"
tonight only emphasizes
the thoughts already running through
my mind. ;)

Isn't that a stupendous film?

As I watched the loving looks
Annie gave to her father
{played by Steve Martin},
I recognized them...
because I had given them myself.

How hard it will be
to put another man in front of him
one day.
How do daddies do that?

They watch these little kids
from the moment they leave the
birth canal, to the moment
they get on that bike,
to the moment their telling you look
beautiful on Prom night...
to the day he sees you in the temple
across from the man of his little girl's
wildest dreams...

and watch, with all these memories
flowing through their mind,
knowing that their little girl is only
completely theirs for awhile longer.

Daddies just hope and pray
that the man their little girl
has chosen will see all the
wonderful things they see,
and will love her more than anything.

Though Daddies may feel like
their little girl is leaving them,
find comfort in this.

No matter where I go,
no matter what I do,
you will always be my Daddy...
my best friend who I can cry
to and ask for advice.
You'll always be the one to tease
me so bad that you make me cry
in frustration.
You'll always be my favorite one
to sit by on the piano and sing with.
You'll always be the one I can count
on for a big bear hug;
even when I think I don't need it.
You'll always be my favorite chef,
and my favorite wood maker.
You'll always have the best mustache
in my book.

I love you, Daddy.
Even when I am in the temple,
about to me sealed to my sweetheart for eternity,
know that I will look over at you,
and smile...
because you can never be replaced.
And you will always be
my Daddy.

Love you, ya fruit-loop.

Love always,
Your Mo


Super Conference Saturday

What a beautiful day.

I walked in the bathroom this morning
to a window casting sunlight on the tile
and a bright chirping of a birdie.

I think Sir Robin came to find me. :)

Then I hear the sound of my choir,
greeting me with their praises.


I'm so intense about conference
that during this break
I went to the store and bought refills
for me G-207 pens.

If my notes are not written in G-207
they don't deserve to be scribbled
on my page at all. :)

I just wanted to share another
moment of my life with you
that occurred at the store.

I was walking past the furniture
and a little BOY said to his daddy
holding his hand,

"Daddy, all I want for my birthday
is TANGLED!!!"

Oh my sweet children of the earth.

I got the biggest grin on my face
and chuckled to myself.

I want Tangled for my birthday too,
little guy.
I'll find you in heaven and we
can watch it together when we
both get there, so as to celebrate
our love for princess'with
excessive amounts of
hair and letters in their name.

Thanks for making my
Super Conference Saturday
even brighter.

Happy Day!
All Is Well!

Love Always,
Little Besty