Catching up

I swear I have written more in the last two days that I have in my entire life.

*{Holy Smokes}*

From application essays to scholarship essays to summaries to literary narratives to filling out transcript forms...my heavens! If people don't know who I am by now and why I do what I do, I think I'm going to die. In pudding. What?

I feel like my brain is going to explode.
And we all know what that means.
Go blog.

Okay, I'm cool with that. ;)

I just wanted to kinda chill on this entry so don't mind if it's just bits of random and catching-upness?
{Yes "catching-upness is a word, thank you!}

Once upon a December...
I got glasses!Ya, even though my mommy thinks I look like a librarian {which I must concur, especially with the lovely sweater I'm sporting in this photo}, I believe they suit me. I am forbidden to wear them everyday, but I do very much enjoy them with an exquisite love of lenseness. ;)

Can I introduce you all to something? Windows Wednesdays.
I have the greatest friend ever named Aaron here at SUU and he primarily wears contacts, just like myself. Well, one day I saw that lovely case screaming "glasses!" on his sink and directly ran to him and said he had to put them on.
Note to self: Men always look attractive with glasses. It's that whole super-man/spider man affect. Just sweeps you off your feet. I find it crazy, in my opinion, that two pieces of glass on someone's face held together with plastic or metal can instantly say, "dang!", but they do! So odd. Well, he finally succumbs to my pleading and puts them on. Oh yes. At this point I wonder why on earth he doesn't wear them more often. With this in mind, I figure that if there's only one day a week he has to wear them...I just might get him to stop ranting on about how awful he looks in them and actually agree with me that they look good. So! We invent Windows Wednesday. {It was the only day we could make some acronym with that related somehow to glasses...don't judge}.

If anyone wants to join us, feel free. ;)

Can I just express to the world what my favorite look is?
Sweats, t-shirt with a possible sweater, comfy socks, messy hair {maybe pulled back for women}, and glasses. This goes for both men and women. I sincerely love it! To me, that's screaming the message of : "I love to just chill. I am confident and enjoy being me. Whether I am dressed up or having a day {or a week ;)} where the sweats are my dominant clothing item, I'm just sailing along and loving life." I really think you look GREAT.
My favoritiest look in the entire universe.

What is your favorite look?

I still need to read my scripts* before beddy-bye, so I shall say, sleep well. Remember to put your life completely in the Lord's hands. This really can be a challenge and I am willing to admit that. But trust me on this one, and give the Savior and Father the chance to mold you into the God/Goddess he intended you to be. He won't let you fall.

I promise.

"Make it so"
Love Always,
Little Besty


A little thought on Exigency

I was casually sitting on the "couches" outside Thorley Recital Hall and thoroughly enjoying some chips and salsa from Cafe Rio when my mind flashed to what I had to get done. A flood gate of "to do's" raced into my mind and I determined that doing my English homework that exact moment in time would probably benefit me greatly.

Can I tell you a secret? I have this new goal this semester to do my homework the day I get it. Ya know, to relieve some stress and just get it done to create more free time. And I am here to report that this little decision has been one of the best ones of my life that I have made academically. I tried to do it in high school, but most of the time I went back to my good ole procrastination method that I had been doing for years and waiting till I absolutely had to do it. So, college= new start and new homework/get it done style. It's a great success!

Anyways. So I look at what assignment is due next class and find that we are, get again, supposed to read another chapter and also need to begin working on our blog for the class.

Say what? A blog?

Ha ha! Only the best assignment ever because I blog all the time! Yipee! Happiness all around.

I get to reading the chapter and actually find some extremely interesting thoughts. Might I share them with you? The hot topic on top of Little Besty's mind today is....


Before I read over the definition I was guessing it possibly had something to do with existence...being a human being and knowing the reason why you're here...they all seemed like good options. As I read on, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the true definition was: a situation that causes a writer to write.

At this point, I'm guessing a good part of the world would say, "The only reason I write is because I was given a crazy assignment that is making me sit down at that computer and produce something that might get some decent points". And I can respect that. I haven't always gotten butterflies at the thought of writing an essay that is very difficult. However if you are someone who jumps at the thought of ink smoothly spreading over a piece of paper or fingers typing at the computer, then the meaning of exigency could have very well send a shiver up your spine.

Now here is the big question: what situations causes me to want to write?

It will be my pleasure to tell you. ;)

Sometimes I simply write to vent. My mind is about to explode and if I keep it bottled up, the world will see some serious "allytude" from Miss Best. Maybe the only reason I sit down to the computer is to get out all my thoughts because a blank document will always listen.

However, here is my biggest inspiration for writing. The world around us serves as my masterpiece. Simple human interaction and involvement sparks an interesting thought or emotion, and I have a go at it and write about it. Maybe it's the way my little friend is fascinated with her light up shoes or how a boy at the cafeteria helped a girl move her meal to another table, simply because he wants to be helpful and care about another human being. With those thoughts, I run with it and let my mind go wild with my fingers on a keyboard or around a pen to serve as a transcriber of my thoughts. Kinda cool, eh?

Now what about those essays and summaries and presentations for school? How to you find inspiration for that? I used to ask myself the same question until I found the answer. Every assignment, no matter how specific or broad, can be related to someone in some way. Maybe I know nothing about science and have to write some thesis about it. I can find a way that science makes something I love possible to exist and with that, I have something to write about. Then when I'm finding out how those leaves change color that I love to play in and crunch under my shoes, I soon realize I'm writing about something that I love with an original assignment that scared me. Anything is possible.

With that being said, I plan to do every assignment with a power of exigency behind it. My exigency will not only be because I need to do the assignment for a grade, but more importantly because I have something to say and I need to let the world know about it.

What is your Exigency?

Love Always,
Little Besty


Welcome to {*ME TIME*}

Dear World::

Time to post.

For those of you who know me super well, you are fully aware and informed that I tend to be a
"by herself" type of girl.

You may ask, "what does that even mean?"
Let me help ya out.

Meaning::"travels and participates in activities while without another human being".
These activities may include::
*Going to movies
*Watching movies
*Shopping {though I despise it anyway}
*Looking for something for someone
*Getting food
*Doing homework
Now, for all you souls out there who might be freaking out at this point because you may have done one of these things with me, don't worry! It's not like I'm a hermit who never likes to associate with humans! I'm sure I had a wonderful time with you.:) This is just generally speaking.
I've never been a "let's go shopping at the mall!" type of girl. Is that bad? I have actually never been to the mall with a group of girlfriends in my life. If I do go to the mall, it's because I'm looking for a specific item or I just need some "me" time to look around. Even then, I get a headache after the first half hour of trying stuff on.

Let's talk about that for a second, shall we?
I always knew that I needed and had this "me time" for basic survival, but I never called it that until my dear friend, Isaac Jones, introduced me to it. I was discussing the topics above, how I liked to go to movies by myself and such, and wondered if something was wrong with me. However, he totally understood what I was talking about and explained that those things were just Ally Best having her "ME TIME". Ah ha! That's so right!
Do you ever have moments or days where you just need to get away from everything and just do something for yourself? Maybe these times are writing in your journal, going for a walk, getting your favorite ice cream or just going for a drive. Well friends, welcome to *ME TIME*.
We all need it! Even crazy mothers who feel their life is to hectic to take a breather, you need to do this!

So if Ally Best needs me time, she's gonna go to a film on her own, visit Target, get 1.00 ice cream at Walmart, or just look around University Mall. Done.

Well, let's finally get to the reason for the post today. {Haha, what? You haven't gotten to it yet? ;)}. Now that I'm in college...I happen to have a lot of time to myself. I even filled up my schedule to a bursting 18 credits this semester and I still have loads of hours to myself! How did this happen? Before I came to college, I perceived it as a "you're super busy with school work but are also filling every second of every day with hanging out with friends" type of thing.

Did I miss out on something?

Talking to dearest friends at different universities and even at SUU, I hear and read about all their adventures their having with their friends and with each other all the time...getting to bed late...all that college jazz. Am I in trouble if that isn't my story? I do hang out with people and have so much fun, but it's not every second of every day.
I find that my "by herself" type of girl personality is blasting through my social life. I love to hang out with people, I really do. But my natural option is to just watch a movie alone or read alone or go somewhere on my own...so my little soul is conflicting. I don't want to be all by myself, but then being with people at times gives me a little twinge of anxiety. It's not like I enjoy being alone all the time...but it's just my natural, safe place to be.

Ha ha, I'm sounding crazy.

But can I mention something? I'm human? Does that help my case?

So I guess the solution to my case is to step out of my little world and actually grow a bit, eh? Take some risks? I feel like I've grown a ton out here in Cedar City, but I guess Heavenly Father wants me to push a little farther...and I'm okay with that. I'll just trust you, Father! I'll do whatever I'm asked...just help me do it, please.

Bottom-line, having your own *ME TIME* is very enjoyable and comfortable if it is done with moderation. Haha, anyone for "moderation in all things"? Give yourself sometime to yourself, but also get out there and do something more! Get out of your comfort zone and become better. The greatest part about that is when you are trying your hardest to grow, Heavenly Father will be there to help...so don't you fret.

He's got your back.

"Make it so"

Love Always,
Little Besty



I miss how he makes me feel::

Dear Best Friend,
With you, I never feel like I have to prove something. I'm just me. The best moments with you have been when I've been in sweats and have my hair pulled back in a greasy bun, coughing up who knows what or have tears streaming down my face. You always think I'm beautiful, no matter what state I'm in. Some days, I wasn't very nice to you...but you forgave me anyway and were at my side almost immediately.
The first time I really met you, you were sitting next to me...praying next to me...and listening to the lesson from our seminary teacher. You always thrived off the spirit, and couldn't get enough of it...I still love that about you. Your laugh made my little heart smile. I always looked forward to those days.
One of my favorite moments is when you came around the corner, wearing your student council jacket and headband, complete with bulging backpack, laptop, possibly scriptures and who else knows what. Haha! Why did you always have so much stuff? I looked at you and got a big smile on my face.
You always knew how to make me feel special. I can't even begin to count how many mysterious juice boxes appeared in my hand. You always listened to all my stupid stories and were right there every time I had a ridiculous boy problem. How did you put up with me? How many visits did we make to Starbucks to get those Strawberry-and-Creams? And you always put extra sugar in yours to blast your entire universe.
A few weeks before you left, we sat outside on my curb and talked till two in the morning...and that was one of the greatest times of my life. I don't even remember what we talked about...but I remember how good I felt when you got in your car. One of those last phone calls where we cried because we didn't know what we would do when we couldn't pick up the phone to talk to one another for two years...it was so hard.
When you left, I felt like I was shot out of a cannon. All the sudden my life got crazy. Senior year, graduate girl!, singles ward, and then college. All those big things that happen in those "first five years out of high school" were all happening so fast! It was almost like Heavenly Father gave me you to help me prepare for it all, and now he was testing me on everything I had learned. It was time to prove myself. It's sort of like training wheels on the bike. He was holding the back of my seat, he let go...you were the training wheels, then you left and those wheels blasted off. What's fascinating to me is that even though you are busy serving and loving the people, I still feel more supported by you then I ever have.
I guess it took you being thousands of miles away to realize that I never really saw you like I should have. I didn't realize what I had.

Now I do.

At this point, half of you may be saying, "wow girl, that's kinda sketchy posting about someone like that...who knows what will happen", which is very understandable. I've felt the same way! But here's why it's okay. ;) My first blog post back in Summer of 2010 I said I would share with you my world. Well, you could imagine how your best friend could take up a pretty big part of that.

I hope you all have a phenomenal week.
Make it so.

Love always,
Little Besty


With a million and 1/2 "I just want to write!" moments in the last 24 hours, I thought it would be most beneficial to my mind and aching heart to just sit at the computer, and let inspiration come into my fingers.

Oh, I have lots and LOTS of things I could and WANT to write about, but I guess it's all a matter of choosing one little thing to expound upon today.

I have a heap on my mind...just let me get my thoughts together.

Today I wish I could have seen this.

Two young men walking down a street, both so young and just starting to explore the world.
They wear suit coats or with white collared shirts that are maybe a little tattered and have a tie around their neck. They own quite a few. ;) They carry a light in their eye-not a light that is impossible for anyone to carry, but it's special because it's a exquisite "serving"light. They look eager for the day. They have heavy backpacks strapped to their backs. Maybe one of them is holding a Book of Mormon.
I see a vision of a door opening in front of them and the senior companion reaches out his hand and smiles...oh so warmly at the woman at the door. They introduce themselves, and ask if she know anything about the gospel they speak of.
The greatest part? Yes, it would be wonderful if they actually got a person to accept the gospel, but for a moment I believe that even if they aren't getting an appointment, the Elders are just as happy showing someone that they care. No one cares about anything that comes out of someone's mouth until they know that they genuinely care about them. Maybe all that random person at the door needed was for someone to just say hello. Just to knock on their door and show consideration for what's going on in their life. A touch from another human spirit.

This thought and vision brings tears to my eyes...because I know this is true. As my Daddy always says, "Just love the people". My heart swells with joy as the vision becomes clearer and I see my dear friend's name appears on that name tag...and it is him in the white collared shirt, greeting the woman at the door.
Maybe the converting isn't happening. But maybe their little heart is growing because of the love that was shown to them. Someone cared, "someone loved me for who I am".
"He loves me the way I am".

And those are my thoughts for the day. ;)

Love Always,
Little Besty


Dear Self

Dear Ally::

*You are going to exercise more this year. {Scottie, you want to take me on the first annual Cedar City Walmart run of 2011 to see if there's a cheap-o swimsuit?}
*You are always going to get up at 7:30 like you did today and take a nice shower. Remember how good you felt this morning.
*You WILL do the homework you get the day of, rather than the night before. {I've been pretty good about this already}.
*You will ALWAYS eat breakfast. ALWAYS.
*You will read at least one verse of scripture each morning. DON'T FORGET YOUR MORNING PRAYERS!
*Night scripture study will continue to happen.
*You will have one official day a week that you wear no makeup.
*You will participate in Zoomba.
*You are going to sleep a lot. At least 8 hours which means beddy-bye happens at 11:30.
*You are going to put all your music in its plastic pages and keep it in that awesome binder you love.
*You are going to write one thank-you card a day.
*You will write in at least one of your journals every day.
*You will get dressed, get ready, and then go out the door, done thinking about yourself.
*You will bring healthy munchies with you in your bag everyday so you don't die.
*You will always have your "four-eyes" with you.
*You are going to text Mommy once a day so she knows you aren't dead.
*You are going to remember that Monday-Wednesday-Friday is 2 meal-plan days.
*Calling? Most important thing.
*No movies till everything you could do is done. {Including visits} Pretty good about this already.
*Not spend money on things you don't NEED.
*You will always have a book you will be reading.

I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. ;) There will most likely be another one of these soon, but I thought I'd just start now to make sure I don't forget anything.

Happy Returning to School Day!

Giggles&Chuckles o'theday*: Stitt plays chords, "Now sing Tonic!" uh....wha? Head of Department Bradshaw walks in...haha...oh boy. Welcome to your Music Theory 2 students who can't remember how to sing tonic/do. ;)

Goodies: That shower was goooood!

Bad/But it's okay: That one thing...that happens every once in awhile...just made me want to die and crawl in the depth of my blankies and eat lots and lots of chocolate. But guess what? I DON'T HAVE ANY CHOCOLATE! I think a Walmart run is DEFINITELY in order.

Love you all! It's good to be back in good ole' Cedar. ;)

Love always,
Little Besty



I have so many great people in my life.
It's almost ridiculous.

I have had the greatest break ever, and I am so happy that I got to spend so much time with my family and dear friends. Blessed is an understatement. A lot has changed during this time away from school.....engagements, new spiritual promptings, friends leaving on missions...it's sort of insane. It all goes so fast. For a moment, I wonder if things will ever be the same again.

Then I thought of this scripture I read last night.
I was just reading some verses in the EPIC D&C section that talks about marriage and becoming Gods, and came upon a phrase that was extremely interesting and fascinating.
D&C 132:20
"...therefore shall they be from everlasting to everlasting,
because they continue

Say what?

because they continue.

It was like a humongous light fell from the sky and directed its rays right on that phrase.What does this mean? Here's my interpretations that I felt coming into my little head. First off, isn't this a phenomenal testament that our journey, adventure...whatever you prefer, goes on? It NEVER ends!
"shall they be from everlasting to everlasting"! I don't know about you, but that's pretty amazing stuff right there.

So then there's our little "because they continue" friend.
My thoughts? Because they press forward. Amiss the hardships and trials of their life, they moved and progressed. Doesn't perseverance lead to Godliness? I believe with all my heart: YES
They continue on their journey. No steps are wasted. Yes, the tears may fall and the hills may seem too much, but doesn't the earth need rain for cleanliness and renewal and hills to create a marvelous landscape? With this in mind, it leads to everlasting life. It is ours! On that day when you are ready to throw the towel in and just want to sink into a hole, say to yourself:

"NO! I will continue! Because if I do, I have an incredible gift waiting for me! And let me tell you, it's more than I could ever imagine...more than I could ever want.
And inherit Eternal Life."

And that is why I continue.

My love to you all.
What a break it has been.

Love always,
Little Besty


A Man who is Good

I really don't have some BIG profound thing to talk about today,
but I was just in a mood where I needed to write, so here I am. :)

Can I just tell you something?
A man who is good...is worth more than a million bucks and a chocolate bar to me.
I mean, a real, honest to goodness man.
One who talks kindly to not just women, but everyone.
One who would walk out of a movie if there was any language or they were disturbed by a ton of violence.
Someone who would not flow with the crowd.
A man who prays to God not because he knows he's supposed to, but because he knows how much he needs Him in his life.
A man who plays/or will play with his children: Dress up as a pirate, fireman...whatever.
Someone who would feel carefree when talking about gospel topics.
One who is so selfless...that he is constantly thinking of others and serving them.
Someone who knows how to laugh...a real, deep laugh of his own.
A man who isn't ashamed to maybe shed a tear.
Someone that will embrace when one is afraid.
A man who will get up in the early hours of the morning just to go to meetings.
One who works hard.
A man who knows how to love.

Haha, I guess something was on my mind today.

Thank you to those men in my life
who fully and completely honor this:
"We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent,
virtuous, and in doing good to all men;
indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul-
We believe all things, we hope all things,
we have endured many things,
and hope to be able to endure all things.
If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy,

Thank you.
Love Always,
Little Besty