There's just something super nice about taking care of someone. I think I'm beginning to more fully understand why my mommy stays up till the wee hours of the morning to hold us when we're sick or crying or something or other. 

It's a very wonderful feeling. I don't care what it takes...as long as I know they're okay and comfy and happy...I'll do what it takes. 

The end o' semester is creepin' on me and I think it may just need to chill out and leave me alone. :) haha.....but really. Knock it off. ;) However...it has been a growin' experience for sure. Switching schools-starting all over {in a sense, when coming to familiarity}, moving back home,  and kinda entering into a new phase of life...everything just feels different. I'm a different person than I was 5 months ago. Interesting how we change. 

Have a good one, folks. 

Love always.


Anything goes

There was a half-eaten gummy worm on the computer desk and I just ate it......

Is that bad?

Ha ha. Oh well. 

Happy Friday!



A Day

You know it's been quite the day when you're already in your P.J's at 4:45 pm. Can't wait to snuggle up with daddy's kindle after I conquer math. 




George Albert is one of my favorite people. Like really. We've been studying his teachings this year in Relief Society and I am LOVIN' IT. 

I also teach Relief Society, which is an adventure all in its own. :) So I REALLY get to delve into his lessons. It's the coolest privelage ever. Ya know, I really believe he was called of God. This man was inspired...by abiding by the spirit. He knew what was up. This is something truly remarkable...and seek after. 

The lesson I got to talk about today was sustaining those who we sustain. At first glance, it may just seem like a usual lesson where we learn to lift our hand and sustain the bishop, prophet, etc-and that's the end of it. But it's not! Oh by golly, it's not! It gets so much better, just wait. :)

It's a sacred privilege to sustain. Do you know we're actually making a covenant with our Father in Heaven when we raise our hand? We are committing to work together with that leader-to do our part to the greatest capacity within ourselves. 

So....when a new family is announced to the ward, and we raise our hand, we are committing, with all that is within us, to help that family out. To welcome them. To love them. To take care of the kids if they need it. To be the first one there if someone goes to the hospital. It's a bigger deal than I think we all realize. 

Be dirt. {You like-wha?} Ha ha, let me explain. Those baby plants need soil, babe! They need something to nourish those roots of theirs! They need the support of every person possible. They need DEFENDERS. Ones who are gonna fight for them. And you're enlisted. :)

With this support comes building myself up, ya? There's no way I'm gonna be able to help that neighbor out if I myself am not strong and firm. So taking that time for you? That's not a bad thing. You need it! You need that nourishment. So I don't need to feel bad if I take that 15 minutes to myself to ponder or read or do something that's gonna build me up. 

By standing up and being an example through what I'm doing on a daily basis, in every circumstance- I'm helping out. I'm supporting-and doing my job. 

Wow. Isn't this the coolest stuff ever?! I just think it rocks. So much more than socks. 

These people are some of my favorites ever, too. Here's Lehi, trying to do as the Lord asks, and the people simply won't listen. This is what we SHOULDN'T do to sustain our leaders. Then there's exquisite Mary. So open to the Lord's guidance...I love her. 

Anyways, just thought I'd share a little of my day. :) Happy Sabbath. 



This week I've been thinking a lot about our capacity...ya know. The potential we humans have...and really anything. 

You know when you're like, what...3? And imagine making dresses in some big city as your dream? Or being a ballerina... or wanting to build playgrounds...just anything. 

Sometimes, I really wish I had that childhood spirit when it came to somethings in my life...where I would do absolutely anything, without any fear, to get some things I've always wanted into that "done" file in my cabinet. 

What is that quote? How many things would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail? Ha-I bet 5 million things came into your mind.

Ya know, I really think we can do amazing things. I really do. And if you came to me and asked if what you wanted to do was possible, I'd totally wink at you and say GO FOR IT! Why not?

Ya, I would.

It's really that simple. 

I wanna be a supporter of dreams. YA! Send me a message whenever you're about to attempt a dream, and I'll send ya all my fairy dust and encouragement up the wazoo-'cause you can do it, babe!

*Sigh. Yep. Life is great. 



Yeah, I'm profesh.

I had the most coolest beyond fantastical experience today! I marked an item of the bucket list, kids!

Do you realize what  phenomenal weight that holds?!

My friends? Today, Alison Best recorded, for reals. Like, studio, professional recorder, and the works. I was completely pleased, no doubt about that.

My brilliant beyond neighbor, Aaron Merrill and myself finally found time after 2 years of trying to get together and record. So, it wasn't just a sudden urge or thought. It's been a long time comin'.

I can't even tell you what it's like....to sit next to this guy and hear your voice coming through the speakers....it's you. And you don't sound all that bad. :) It's like this, "Dude......". I had moments where I totally just wanted to rock out, with my hands on the headphones-ya know how you see it in the clips of artists and such. :) Ha ha.

I recorded the song, "May I Serve Thee" by Tammy Simister Robinson. So obviously, I didn't write it, but we had her brilliant minus track that she was so gracious to let me use, and we just added my voice, and Aaron's crazy awesome mixing ability. I am SO grateful for him and his talents. I don't think he realizes just how big a deal it was what he did today. He made a little girl's dream come true!

It takes SO much work, just for one song, and I was so stoked to sit and watch everything he does. It's incredible how much goes into one song! It's so special.

Ya. He COMPLETELY rocks. :) Here's to hoping for more recording in my future!

Love always.


Kids Will Be Kids

The other week, Chad Edward and I found some time to go on a date.
Since he did so much for me on the mish, I decided it was only fair that I organize a bunch of dates for us to go on when we found the time. So, we decided to do the childhood date. :)
Kids can only have kid food {obviously :)}, so I made chicken nuggets with fruit, and kool-aid. And don't worry. Chad acted like a complete child at the dinner table. :) 
Next, we made self-portraits of each other {coloring!} and we had quite the crazy results. 
Chad spent 5 years on my picture....ha ha and wow. I can't say I've ever seen myself as a half bee, but what can I say. 

This was our....worship of the potato head....

We seem to be a lot happier when we spend more time together, ya know? We're like a little princess and prince, instead of goblins-which can sometimes happen when we have a rough day. 

He's my best friend...yes indeed. 

Love always. 


Update of sorts

I've realized I'm such a hypocrite because I get upset when others don't post, 
whining and groaning to my brain, and then I, myself, never post ever. :)

Ha ha, oh the irony.

So! I best be posting. 

Life is crazy, as always, so finding special time can be hard, especially with Chad Edward. So when we find a night that is completely free, we RUN to it. :) This was forever ago, of course, but we went to the UVU institute dance about a month ago and it was fantastic!

We had the most RADICAL group ever, incredible date, a live jazz band, food- I mean WHAT could be better?!

All thanks to UVU for giving us a chance to be together!

In other news, 
Daddy has been doing some serious ice-fishing these days. A few times ago, he caught 
something like 34 fish!!!!! 

Ya, he's pretty proud. :)

I would be!

William has been shaving his legs...

Which don't worry, he's not an alien with incredibly awkward shaped legs. For some reason the camera angle decided to destroy this, haha! And calm down, because all it was was a project so we are all good. This just proves the fact that we, as Best's, are hair dogs. Thanks for that, Daddy-o. 

Everyone else is in tip top shape. :) My family rocks this universe, let's be real. I LOVE living at home with them and getting to spend time with them whenever possible. They are the BEST 
people ever, no pun intended.

Anyway. Have a jolly good day!

Love always.


AUNTIE ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I'm all sorts of behind, it's totally find that I'm just BARELY telling the universe about my most happiest of all happenings!

Guess what?! {For those not already aware}

I'm gonna be an aunt!
The first babe of the siblings!

Oh man. 

If you really know Ally Best, 
you know this is utterly the most fantastic thing 
in the universe.
1. Because I LOVE BABIES. 
2. My one and only sister having her first baby 
is the greatest most glorious thing ever.
3. More family....true joy!

Plus...people? This is my sister we're talking about. Only the most gorgeous, phenomenal, purely classy, beautiful creature ever to live on this earth. Now imagine that being your mother. Ya, this crazy kid is the luckiest thing alive to have my sister, Leafy, as their mommy. 

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention!-

Baby Boy Robertson


I'm completely pleased. 

Hooray for babies! Hooray for nephews! Hooray for my dearest sister, Elise! Hooray for Sir Thomas! Hooray for Mommy and Daddy for becoming Grandparents! HOORAY!

Love always.

Love Day

Well this is practically ridiculous.

I am so behind-good heavens!

Once upon a time, it was Valentines Day almost a month ago. Oh ya, that day! Let's not mention it was the first of all firsts for me to actually have a real life, no awkward "are we dating or not?" high school relationship, Valentines Day.


Having spend many Valentines without another half, I must say, it's quite an experience.
That sounds so lame, but it's completely and utterly true.
Talk about fulfilling the definition of everything you've ever heard.

Shall I tell you about my special day? :)

First, I woke up early so I could get all prettied up for my hot date that evening, since I would go straight there from school. ;)Even with that fluffy stuff in mind, I was fully engaged in my "Morning Monster Fury" role. Grouchy grouch grouch. I walked the kitchen with the up most, awful demeanor possible when suddenly, my eyes met none other than guess who.


Yes, my Chad was making me waffles.

{Cue sighs now}

Now, the perfect, running through daisies reaction would have been a sudden burst of a chorus of angels while I pranced in my flow-y dress that appeared on my body out of thin air toward Chad and wrapped my arms around him-----------

But no.

I sulked, bent over and exclaimed with a shriek, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!"

and ran away to my dungeon.

HA. Poor Chad. Sometimes I wonder why he keeps me around. :)

Once I calmed down, I went out a bit more composed and THEN hugged him, minus the dress.
He's the sweetest, friends.

{Yes, that shirt is from we went to Sadie Hawkins together what...about 4 years ago? We barely knew each other then!}

So I was a good girl and ate my breakfast. I was so shocked that he did this for me! Waking up early...all the prep, it was fantastic. {Even if he used pancake batter for waffles ;)}.

The day went on. I got ready and changed at school so he wouldn't see me before-you know girls. You always want the element of surprise when it comes to men. It keeps them excited. ;)
He came to pick me up so we could go to our class at BYU.

Can I just say, when he got out of the car?


Moving on....:)

After our lovely class, Chad took me to one of my all time favorite restaurants: Los Hermanos.

It was simply delicious, even though I didn't even get close to finishing my plate.

He's my favorite.

Our adventures there? My overdose of chips, Chad's caramel cup which I really think he would have drunk straight had I not been present, and our continuation of always guessing how long our waiters have worked at their job.

After that, we didn't really have any definite plan. Chad will kill me for even writing that to where the public can see {since he was the dating club president at AFHS ;)}, but let's just explain something here. Chad and I run and run almost every second of our lives, so the fact that we had NOTHING to do all night with no plans was a dream come true. He had options, of course, but overall? I just wanted to chill with my sweetie-which is what he did.

We went to his place, then my place to open our gifts to each other. I bet you wanna know what he got me, right? Right? :) Well...

I guess I'll tell.

I cried.

Can you guess now?

I read his beautiful card and carefully ripped the paper. Then I saw it.

A book. That was by me.


Chad had compiled all my blog posts from when I started a year and a half ago till this past December in a phenomenally hard cover, bound book.



It's gorgeous.

And one of my biggest dreams came true.

My own bound book. :)

Funny that he got me a book, because I gave him one to! But it was one I had written for him. A compilation of all my thoughts of love, memories, and special things concerning him that I had started writing 10 months before he came home. I finally finished it the day before Valentines Day, and let's be real, I didn't have a good gift idea for Chad, so this worked out perfectly.

Really? Do I really deserve this person? He's so good to me...

Can I just mention a little thread of shimmering thought going through my mind these days?

Life is a beautiful thing-and it's not because it's easy and perfect and always full of blue skies. It's truly because of those rainy days, the aches, the pains, the tears, and the work. 
No relationship is 100% perfect and simple. We all have our moments of selfishness and trials. But at the end of the day? It's the most gracious, exquisite thing ever given to us because of the problems we work through and the trials we overcome. Then you know what REAL love is. 

Let's be honest. 

Chad is my bestest friend in the entire universe. When I look up the definition of best friend, it says that a best friend is the one who's the closest to you. Do you know what that really really really means? Being close to someone means you know them for good and for bad-for the perfections and imperfections-for the angry days and the happy days. That's a big deal. Best friends aren't just fluffy care-bears who hold hands while they run through flowers. 

They've been through the knitty gritty.
The hard stuff.
The life stuff.

And that's who Chad is for me. My dearest, bestest friend. 

Happy Valentines, sweetheart!
{16 days ago...:)}

Love always.