Good Morning, March 26th!
Ah. What a beautiful morning!

Let's just hope that Cedar City
doesn't go all by-polar again
and decide to randomly blizzard
seconds after a sunny sky.

Seriously, I've never seen such drastic
incredibly fast weather changes in my life.

I was walking back to my dorm after
the weather had gone on a snow-rampage,
and looked in the flower beds.
For months it's only consisted of cold dirt and bushes.

Not this time.

Daffodils were shooting up from the ground and in full-bloom!
They are gorgeous.
Simply beautiful.

Look at 'em!
I have always been a nature girl.
My parents definitely brought be up well, in that regard.
We took frequent camping trips and adventures
all while I was growing up.
Here I learned to see the wonders of God.
The green blades covered with dew,
the silence of a moose in the distance,
the smell of fresh morning
when you wake up in the sleeping bag.

It's sort of surreal.
I guarantee when I'm in nature,
I, without a doubt, feel the love
of my Heavenly Father.

First off, He's a genius.
Creating petals of flowers,
the consistency of water,
the smell of the mountains...
He knew what he was doing.
And he did it all for us.

If that's not pure love right there,
I don't know what is.

One of my favorites of His creations?
Especially Sir Robin!

This little guy was hopping
around the music building
on my way to class.
One of my favorite things about
these birds are their red-breasted chests
and eensie-weensie, bobbing feet!
Ha ha!
It's so cute when they jump around on them. ;)

Thanks for not flying away
Sir Robin.
You were there when I needed you.
I always have a good day when you're around.

Take some time today to get outside,
even if it's chilly,
and spend some time with Him.
You won't regret it

{I'm the blondie on the right ;)}

Have a wonderful Saturday.
Love Always,
Little Besty


Yearning for the Smile

Time to let
"The Tale of the Napkins"

"Greeting from a dear friend...
what joy it brings to find
comfort in a smiling face
or a high five
or a tap...
a hug.

They all bring a little
bit of happiness in the world."

I looked up from my cottage cheese
and locked my eyes
on Colette and another worker.
He saw her, and got a little smile.
They waved and laughed.

I scribbled on the napkin beneath my
rough hands,
and felt that flutter in my chest.
It's the "good flutter".
The one that conveys to you
that life is really worth living.
It's beautiful.
Just give it a chance to warm your heart.

A little thing called "human contact"
really does put an exclamation
to the end of the word, "life".


Just a wee, little "hi"
from the random kid in your English class.
A small acknowledgement
that someone noticed your existence.
Whether they were your bestest friend,
or a lady in the grocery store.

Give yourself a chance
to let someone touch your heart.
Someone you don't even know.

And maybe you can find
a way to warm theirs.

Who knows?

You might just make someone's day.

Ah, but to love.

Love always,
Little Besty


One Sure Thing to Calm an Angry Woman

I've found something that always
calms Little Miss Best down.

{Future Husband, takes notes ;)}


Today I was walking back from the library
and just wanted to punch something.
Probably something like a pillow,
chunk of cheese,
or harmless pile of dirt
would have been my best option
so as not to inflict harm to the helpless humans
unfortunate enough to be near me.

I finished reading a book series last night
and wanted to scream,
then I read a play today
and just felt angry.

I don't recommend reading angry plays
when you have to be in human company soon after.
Just sayin'.

Naturally, I succumb to the habitat of my dorm room
and pull the curtain over the "pretty sunshine".
"I haaaaaate sunshine! Haaaate!"-Mad Madame Mim
That was me.
I'm kinda ridiculous.

I decide this probably isn't the greatest state
to be living in,
so I plug in the IPOD
and try to calm my little-Miss-self down.

Instantaneously, my limbs relax.
My brows un-forrow,
stress is released in my jaw,
and I feel like a pale, soothing shade of blue.

And I thought of bubbles.
Just thought you should know...

I look at my IPOD.
No shock enters my mind.
Pcccch. Duh. InsideOut!
AND it's on my "Ally" playlist,
created by none other than my
bestest forever friend!

He knows me too well.
I swear he broke into my mind
before he left and created a perfect
"escape" world for me
because he knew I would have days
where I wanted to throw a book at a wall
or rip a play in half.

Love that man o' mine.

Back to InsideOut.
I pretty much love their rich,
accappella {who knows how to ever spell that ;)}
sounds of intense glory.
They always put me in a carefree, joyful, and
sentimental mood.
Just like Mint Oreos do...

Here are my favorite songs by the
rocking InsideOut:

"McDonald's Girl"
version of: "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
version of: "The Priesthood is Restored"
version of: **"I Am A Child of God"
version of: "When I Am Baptized"
"Peanut Butter & Jelly"

Please look up just one, for me.
I know you'll love 'em.

Love the life you live.

Love always,
Little Besty


Interpretations of a Napkin

Each writer has their own way
of keeping thoughts.

Some have a little notebook
that they keep with them at all times
as to ensure the safety of having
a slip of paper at any opportune moment
so that a thought entering into the mind
may not be lost.

Some keep tabs in their brains of little
thoughts they need to highlight
at some particular given time.
It may emulate a To-Do List.

Though I tend to venture into all of the above,
one that I have thoroughly enjoyed is:
Napkin Writing
This idea first popped into my head
when I heard that the first stems of
the ideas of Harry Potter came from
the scribblings on a napkin.

You're cool J.K. ;)

So, I thought I'd explore this idea
and see how it went.

The cafeteria I eat at everyday
seemed a bit more "green" on a particular day.
My dear friend pointed out that the napkins
had suddenly become "cheaper" looking.
White to brown....thinner...eh...a napkin's a napkin.
If it's helping something, go for it.
I totally support this cause.

As I sit alone at a table,
I pull out a napkin with my trusty
G-207 in hand and watch the flow of ink
spread across the paper.

Is napkin a form of paper?

I look around the room
and watch my fellow human beings
interact and become fascinated with their
connections and emotions.

I am quite willing to begin to share with you
my thoughts on my slip of brown napkin,
{soon to become napkinS}
but I must first compile my works*
and refine them.

My checklist is ticking,
my notebooks are filling,
and my pens are soon to be out of ink,
but I promise the Tales of the Napkins
will soon unfold.

Have a Merry Monday.

Love always,
Little Besty


Washing away

While I was rinsing the 3 layers deep, white-face make-up off
my inflamed skin last night,
I got to thinking.

Oh what thoughts arrive to the wide mind of a thinker.

I looked at my face in the mirror,
listened to the laughter coming from dear friends,
and smacked my mouth together so as to enhance the flavor
of Goldfish that had currently been smashed between my molars.

I smiled.

Oh what a life I live.

As I rubbed the washcloth across the surface,
I went back to months before where I was laying on my bed,
with my covers pulled over my chin and tears streaming down
to where they gathered on my pillow.
My mother whispered, on the phone,
sweet words of comfort
to the little girl who wanted to give up.
Fear was on her side.

I couldn't do it anymore.
Then, these words appeared in my mind.

"Open your eyes"

Well, if I opened them at that second,
my body wouldn't have allowed my swollen sockets
to crack a millimeter.

But, I figured that little voices in my
head usually indicate that They're trying
to help me. ;)

So I did.
For the next 3 months, I did.
And I found wonderous results.

The water felt warm and soothing to my aching skin,
and I felt renewed and fresh from the mask
that had consumed my face minutes earlier.

Opening my eyes
has made me a new person.
There is beauty anywhere in the world.
You just have to have the eyes to see it.
I look in that mirror
and see the new woman
that has risen from wiping away
the layers of fear.

Once you give hope a chance,
your life will become that story you always
wished it could become...
in the most unlikely place.

It could be a place where you never wished you were.
It could happen in a place where you never thought you'd be.
It can take place where you are most afraid.

Then, the rocks, sunshine, and cool grass
become your sanctuary.

I look in that mirror
and find that I am the happiest
individual I could ever be at this
point in my life.

.Open your eyes.

You'll be pleased with what you find.

Love always,
Little Besty


For You

I just have one thought.

On rare occasion when something
happens in our lives ;),
it can be tough.
Tougher than a crunchy-one-month-old pizza crust.

Afraid, alone, worried, hurt....it's not exactly a bowl of red jello.

Here's the thing.
It is hard. It may make no sense.
But someone who created all
earth and universe knows
what will bring you the greatest happiness.

It's often referred to
Never Ending Happiness

So when you don't understand
and feel the ache of your heart against your chest,
have faith and believe that Heavenly Father will indeed
take care of you.

You are exquisite.
You are timeless.
You are worth fighting for.
And your existence gives me hope.

All my love to you.

Love always,
Little Besty


Child Within

I was sitting amongst my amazing, musical colleagues,
trying to accomplish the task of doing homework,
when I realized something.

I've discovered in the last few weeks
that we all have a child very much within us.
Some decide to hide it more than others as
years dull the sense of youth,
but it's still there.

Have you ever thought about what
makes the child come out in you?

Well I've discovered two in the past few weeks.

#1: "We're Back"

Until this past weekend, I believed every human
alive had seen this fantastic and thrilling movie.
I imagined my voice blasting through the speakers
of Dr. New-eyes' wish radio.
Yes, I made wishes as a child.
I believed that one day, I would walk outside
and see Rex come to life and he would be my friend.
I wanted to be the little girl who was so lucky to
have the dinosaurs find her.
Life was exquisite when I popped this movie in.

Anywho, I discovered that one of my dear friends,
Matt Clegg had not seen this particular film
and demanded that we watched it.
Of course he loved it.
Who wouldn't?

After our movie fest, I started asking others
if they shared the same enjoyment as I did
when word of "We're Back" was zapped into their mind,
which would thus produce a child-like, positive reaction.

All of them said...
"Holy cow! I love that movie!
That movie was my childhood!"

Enough said.

My children will indeed be plopped down on the couch
with homemade popcorn in between their buttery fingers
to view this extraordinary film that caused their mommy's
little heart to come alive.

#2 Avatar: The Last Airbender

It's totally normal that this picture
sends shivers up my spine...right?


I was introduced to this phenomenal show
on Valentines Day.
I would sort of mention the word obsessed...
but I suggest we move on with this conversation.

My favorite?
The moments Aang turns at his entrance
into the spirit world, and is lite up with the
power of the Avatar.

Nerd. Totally okay with that.

I thoroughly LOVE this show.
And I'm only on season 2!
I'm hurrying as fast as I can to get to the middle
of season 3 so that all of the Avatar lovers can
get together and finish this thing!

I don't want it to end though...just like
my beloved Harry Potter.

Can I tell you my all time favorite part about all this, though?
There are Avatar lovers everywhere.
Holy Smokes.
It's like they're coming out of the wood-works!
I mention the word "bender"
and people appear of thin air with a
grin on their face...
"So what bender are you?"
Yesterday, with the mention of Avatar,
my friend bounces up on the bench
and starts talking a mile a minute.

This deeply satisfies my soul.

In a happy, joyous conclusion, I state the fact
that even at the age of 19, 24, 40, or 59...

You can still see the child within.

Have a marvelous March.

Love always,
Little Besty