Ode to Em

I love Emilie Jill because...

*She bit my shoulder the first time I met her.
*We have "wife" rings.
*She listens to my stories.
*We can cry together spontaneously about men.
*She laughed when I cried for real because her van is so cool.
*She catches me in moments when I lay on beds with double chins and stare at walls....
*We can have almost every single picture together on choir tour.
*I don't feel so bad about my flatness when I'm around her.
*She makes me feel like a TRUE CHILD FOREVER AND EVER.
*I am 100% Ally Best with her.
*We can sink in the middle of beds together.
*I don't feel like I have to be all dressed up around Em.
*She is GORGEOUS BEYOND ALL REASON. Even if Kelton wants her hair long when he gets back. ;)
*She is modest always.
*She is intelligent.
*She never gives up.
*Her voice is amazing. I cry when I hear it.
*I know she'll be my friend forever.
*I know she'll come to my baby's blessing.
*I know she'll say "heck yes!" when I ask her to be a brides maid for me. ;)
*She believes in herself.
*She has an amazing testimony.
*She isn't afraid to give herself.
*She befriends the ones that are harder for some people to love.
*She can crush on Stephen Hill with me! {and it's sort of...kinda...basically real}.
* I can tell her about what's bothering me.
*I can eat "children" with her.
*She laughs at me.
*She prays often.
*We were both too intimidated by each other in junior high to be friends.
*She can sleep in a bed with me at Shakespeare and choir tour and it's totally fine.
*She makes everyone feel at ease.
*She bites her nails.
*I truly believe she's an princess
*She likes CHOCOLATE.
*She likes her dog.
*She loves her family.
*We can talk about.....anything..."pounce" ;)
*I want to know her forever and ever.

Now you know that I MISS EMILIE JILL. There are so many things I love about Em, but I just had to get a few out right now because I've been thinking about her all day. :) I love you Em! Wish you were here to make me laugh.

Love Always,
Little Besty

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