Blank Faces and Rays of Light

So...I am now an official T-Bird of Southern Utah University. Pretty sweet, eh? Tomorrow if my first day of class and I am so stoked. This weekend has been full of what SUU calls "Flight School" which is basically a type of orientation, but it's more like speakers come and speak to us and we meet all the clubs, get involved, etc. I feel like it's been the longest weekend of my life. It's sort of like EFY, but without the spiritual stuff. So almost every second has been spend being somewhere I have to be.

Except yesterday...

I was done with Flight School by 2:00 PM and had the whole day to myself because Gypsy, my awesome roommate, left till late tonight to visit a friend. Wha? Don't leave me! So I watched a few movies, read some things...thought about life...and for the first time since I left home for Cedar City,

I cried.

The pang of loneliness and feeling uncomfortable in my surrounds attacked and I felt scared.
Ha ha, and this moment hit when I was talking with my good friend on the phone too, so sorry about that! Ally Best is used to just knowing so many faces and feeling at ease. So now I'm thrown into a world where I feel like I'm in elementary school again and I have to start ALL OVER with brand new friends? That's so awful.

But...then I found strength. And guess where? THE SCRIPTS. Obviously. ;) And writing out my feelings as well. How powerful I felt once I finished. I said to myself, "Ally Best, remember what you promised you were going to be like when you came here? Leave any shyness you felt, be strong, confident, talk to others easily and be super friendly, just like you were back home". Smile girl! {P.S. I'm glad I was going through all of this by myself in my room. Gypsy would have probably thought I needed mental help}. I stood in front of my closet and said, "I can do this!"

So? I'm recovering and am "gonna fly" just like I said I would. Class starts tomorrow which is going to be so much better because I'll be busy and involved and have no time for thoughts of anguish. Ya!

I'll put some more pictures up of my new place in a few days. Oh and F.Y.I. I had an audition for the music board to see if I could actually get into the Music Major program and I made it! I sang 2 songs, Et Exultavit and Sally Gardens.  Yipee! Then tomorrow {monday} I have another audition for what choir I am to be placed in. Wish me luck! I'm doing good, I promise. 

I am suddenly reminded of a song:
"Though hard to you,  this journey may appear-
happy day. All is well!"

That hymn is the theme of my spiritual year! All is well. Love you all. 

Love always, 
Little Ally Best


  1. aw i cried too! when i walked into your dorm, i honestly was on the brink of tears, but i was kind of embarrassed and thought "she's gonna think i'm insane." we should have cried together. haha oh college!

  2. ooooh sister! you are gonna love it...eventually. hehehe. miss you!

  3. Steph! You should have! Then I would have felt better because we seriously could have cried together! Haha. Well, I hope first day of class made you feel better. :)

  4. Leaf Leaf! I miss you gosh dang it. Come home to Highland.