Frusterations and Daylight

Ever gotten frustrated your pictures wouldn't load???

Well I just did.

Well...{*sigh} I guess I'll get over it. But not really. :(
Anyone have suggestions on how to make it easier or faster?

Moving on... I officially have
5 days and counting till I move out for the first time EVER in my little life.
"Are ya scared?"
"Hey, are you excited?"
"Livin' on your own...what a step."

Ya, I've heard them all. So now it's time for the HONEST TRUTH about how I feel leaving everything behind to start a NEW LIFE.
I'm 18, right? I'm small, right? I wish I had Velcro on my shoes still, right? :) So signing your name saying you accept the scholarship, accept your room, accept your meal plan...it's a BIG BIG deal. But here's the thing. It's a
wicked awesome big deal.

I'm a BiG tImE mommy and daddy's girl. I talk to them about anything and everything and just being home makes me so happy. I feel like I belong! And my siblings totally ROCK this world. Every single one of them is so individual and different, that together...we have it all. Whenever I've gone on a long, far away trip, I get homesick FAST and by the last day of the trip I am screaming to get back into the walls of my Highland, UT home.
So...you'd think, "man, this girl is about to have a 4 MONTH vacation...she's gonna be dying". Yes, I'll have days I'm sure where I am aching for my family so hard it hurts literally. I will be able to visit though, and that brings great comfort to me. Yes, I feel this pain and I am terrified to be away from the ones I love.

But...here's a thought I had yesterday.

Dear Ally Best,
You have the potential to become like God right? You will be your own Goddess crowned in eternal glory someday with the vast oceans of eternity surrounding you, yes? Now, you mentioned the word "potential". Potential meaning, you have got to GO somewhere. Your soul has got to GROW like none other and you have got to become the best "YOU" Heavenly Father intended you to be. So, you've had it easy for 18 years, being safe and snug in your Highland life with almost everything provided for you. You've been tested, you've had trials, but over all, life is pretty much amazing.
Now you've gotta jump off that cliff. You've been trained, you've been told how to carry the pack, how to fall and pick yourself back up, you know how the wind feels, what air is best- NOW GO. Go and DO DO DO. Your time has come and now you will find out who you really are and what you believe in. Now you can build your OWN MOUNTAIN. Life will still be "pretty much amazing", but how about making it "
very much amazing" because...wow. You did it all by yourself. You were born to do this. Everything is on your side. Fly my little one, FLY!

Love, Me

So? Though the family and norm of life will be sorely missed, I CAN'T WAIT to jump off that cliff and feel my own wind on my face. I can't wait to wake up in the morning and know I'm 100% responsible to make everything happen that day. Managing money, washing all my clothes, getting all my food alone, getting to class, learning how to do things I've never done...its gonna be GREAT. And I can't wait. Life is just waiting for me and I just wanna jump into it! Yes, I'm stoked for college and will do my best. Because it's in my name!

Take care world. Till next time.

Little Besty


  1. “Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.”
    see, i don't know if you'll ever get this quote. but it reminded me of this post.
    i'm so glad someone else feels the same way :)

  2. Ah heavens I adore this quote. Never heard it before...I'm going to tape it on my dorm wall.

    I got it. You're the best.

    "We're gonna fly!"