Thrill Abroad

2 Days...

I sat and thought about {College}...once again-and all the emotions I'm going through. My recent fright and nervousness....and my burst of feeling like I can accomplish anything. Then I realized something that makes me extremely excited to start my new life in Cedar City::


And This::
And guess what? I'm 1/2 hour away from this! These are my cousins' children, and I am so excited to play with them. The two above are Addi and Bridger, and the little sweetie is Carly. They are adorable, precious...you name it. I'm so excited to be a bigger part of their lives!

I can't help but share one more of Bridger::

Don't you just wanna hold that? Ha ha. Yes, there is much goodness in this world. I express my sincere gratitude to my Father above daily for blessing me with such a wonderful life. Here I come world.

Little Besty

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