Ride. Just Ride

So...let's just say I've had an interesting week {to put it lightly}

You know how people say, "Gee, this week I have had some serious ups and downs and have been on a roller coaster of emotion..". Ya, ya I can concur with that statement. Yes, Jill from University 1000, I am being assertive and saying, "From my experience, I know that I have had weeks that feel like I'm rolling up and down and want to cry and laugh my head off till my nose hurts-and lucky you, you just caught me living in that week."

I was looking through the social network of oh so precious FACEBOOK this morning and came upon something I really liked. The same statement above {about roller coasters and emotions of death} appeared in a status..but it ended with, "At least it ended with a high note". Did yours end up with a high note, Ally? Did it really?

I believe there is good in everything. All we have to do it find it.

So? Yes. Yes, my week did end on a high note. I was driving back to my sweet Cedar City on Monday with my two new music buddies and though I had been crying only hours before, I soon found myself belting out love songs with Hannah, and spontaneously stopping at a rest stop and laying on the hood of my aunt and uncle's camry to look at the miraculous blanket of stars and intricate puffyness :) of the Milky Way that my idaho princess next to me had never fully seen before. I said to myself.."Life is good. Sometimes, it's just rotten as an apple from 2nd grade that I've kept in my closet under the cobwebs. BUT-this life is so good. Oh so good."

In the moment of our trials we feel that there is no way that life can go on. "Ah gosh! That was my future! That job was going to support me for the rest of my life. I just HAD to go to that university. If I would have passed that test, I could have gotten into law-school. I can't have cancer, I'm so young! This never happens to people like me. Great, my house just flooded. How am I gonna pay for that? Great. It's raining on my new textbooks..I really wanted that trip to California...Dang. Gee! I loved him so much! Why does it have to be this way? They only gave me 4 chicken nuggets instead of 5...My parents are getting divorced, is it my fault? My phone fell in the toilet..I didn't get asked to prom...So my brother just died, what am I supposed to feel?"

Ya. It's rough. I admit it. I'm being perfectly honest with you. Giving up seems pretty awesome sometimes. But guess what? YOU CAN'T DO THAT. Not only are you a human, but you are breathing, living. My professor in University 1000, Jill, told me today that we CANNOT be passive anymore. If you are someone who says, "I don't care" a lot {I am guilty}, stop saying that! Have an opinion for heavens sake! {I'm preaching to myself right now by the way, just so you all know}. Be Assertive! You have a spirit, now use it! So, make the decision to not be unhappy during a trial. CHOOSE to be happy. You always have a choice. Who decides my attitude? My mom? My roommate? My brother? My bishop? My friend? My dog? Nope. Sorry girl. It's YOU. Snap! I don't like making decisions! Well guess what? You get to. Right now and everyday.

Ya. I had a week. But it was lived
This week I...
*Hugged my Monkey because I was lonely.
*Brought my Monkey out to my buddies and they all hugged it and played with it and we are all bringing stuffed animals to our dorms now if we didn't before!
*Ate somewhat healthy.
*Saw my "wife". Don't freak out, it's a inside joke. ;)
*Forgot about a homework assignment.
*Sang. A lot.
*Made a decision with someone that was super hard, but is the best, smart thing to do.
*Missed my family.
*Saw my family.
*Felt inadequate.
*Felt like "I can do this!"
*Loved my singles ward.
*Watched Knights Tale twice and cried both times.
* "Cried unto the Lord.."
*Drove a lot.
*Wished I could change a lot of things.
*Hurt feelings..
*Wanted to go to MO.
*Cried the hardest I have in a long, long time.
*Laughed so hard it hurt!

So, though the bad may sometimes out weight the good, happiness is always an option. It's always there. My roller coaster is still in service, and it requires a pretty pricey ticket, but it's worth the ride. All my love.

Love Always,
Little Besty


  1. Miss Best. That post was exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. You are such a constant blessing in my life and for that, I thank you. Your words were beautiful and it was very eye-opening to things that I need to change. I love you so much and know that the Lord has great things in store for you.

  2. You're so special and classy and timeless and beautiful and exquisite my dear Miss Jones. Keep smilin'! I love you dearly.