Left Fingers and Sabbath Dawns

I just need to post::

It's early in the wee hours of the morning of August 15th, 2010 and am living in the first moment of the last SUNDAY ever before I move out. Huh. This is so odd...

I still have one last minute shopping spree to go, and let's just say:: I AM SO DONE shopping. I have NEVER been a shopping girl. "Hey! Let's go to the mall and shop around!" No. No no. Ya, it's fun to go get a new shirt and get a few things for school, but after 1/2 hour, I am incredibly done and my headache starts attacking my body and I become nasty and grouchy. Yes, shopping is soooo fun. {sarcasm please!} It has its time and place, but not always good for Little Besty.
So I packed all of my clothes today. Haha. Wow. I thought I'd need more space, but it worked out pretty well I'd say. 2 suitcases and POW! Good one Besty.

Oh my. I had the best night ever. My dear "wifey" and I spend precious "besty ch..br.." time before I left for college at SUU, and her to BYU provo. Em? I love you. She came in the door and gave me a bracelet with glitter and everything just like you would get with your childhood best friend that says, "Best Friends Forever". Hers is pink and mine is purple. We had three more so we invited Isaac, Brooklyn, and Ben over to join our club. Haha. So wonderful.
Before the troop came over, Em and I went in search for rings. "wifey"/we don't want to get married in the next year" rings. We found the perfect ones at Target and yes, they are animals. But we still got our diamonds. Mine is a ring with an owl on it {perfect because I love owls in jewelery and in general!} and it's name is Em :D, and Em's is a snake that is so rad, and it's name is Al. We are perfect friends. All the way. We will be friends FOREVER!!!

Seriously? We are the type of friends where we'll be throwing the bridal shower for each other and she'll come to my children's blessing days and baptism days, and I will go to all of hers. We will talk about our husbands together, "pounce", "leopard" hehehe...and will always be there for each other. I just know it. Definitely, she will be a bridesmaid for me! I am a kid when I'm with her and feel like I am on top of the world.

Emilie Jill, I adore thee.

So yes. The night was wonderful and splendid and happy and joyful and phenomenal.

3 days left....
Got my Spagettios, Ramen, Dove chocolate, pictures in the wallet, sticky hangers, clothes, womeness* {be prepared} :), iron, bed risers-SIGN ME UP FOR COLLEGE!

Sleep tight world. I look forward to a day full of special worship. :)

Little Besty

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