Dedication to THE greatest Singles Ward in the Universe::

I looked up the definition of "ward" online today and found that, when used as a verb, it can mean "the act of keeping guard or protective watch". Now, though that may not be the definition of a ward in the LDS church which I am a member of, it describes exactly what the Larsen Park Singles Ward has been for me.

I was one of the "crazy" ones I guess that was EXTREMELY excited to begin experiencing Singles Ward life. New people, camp-outs where boys can be present :D, but above all, a whole new spirit. First day I went to my new ward I said to myself, "this is home". The spirit was riveting off the walls and though I only knew a handful of people, I felt loved and cared about.

My experience has grown to a blessed opportunity. The young adults in my ward are phenomenal. And that is an understatement. I have made so many new friends that I know I'll have for life. We may not see each other often once we go our separate ways, but when we do-the connection will still be there. I feel like I'm apart of another family....and I love it. All the activities have been MUCHO WONDERFUL. Sundays are my favorite x10. I love going to church, gospel topics, ward prayer, etc because I know without a doubt that I will feel the spirit. My brothers and sisters are sitting next to me and I want to do everything I can to make sure they're happy.

The picture above is of Little Miss Kennedy. She's Bishop Madsen's youngest daughter and can I just tell you? I hope I have a little girl just like her. This shot is displaying her famous "poking" that she does to me constantly. :)

I'm leaving this ward soon...and might I say that though I am excited for my new college ward at SUU, I will sorely miss my dear friends in the Larsen Park Ward. :)


  1. Dear Besty.
    I feel the same way as you about this ward. Aren't we so blessed to be a part of a ward so loving, caring, and just plain awesome??
    I am so glad I am in your ward...I loved making Hawaiian Haystacks with you! :)
    And, I am so essentially pleased you got a blog.
    That is all.
    Love, Lauren

  2. Ah gee I am so glad you posted something! hehe
    Yes, this ward has been the best experience ever! I really wish you could have stayed longer for the ward camp out. :)
    I am extremely overly-bursting with happiness that we both have blogs now and I can stay updated on your life!
    You make my heart sing.
    Love love and more love,