Today I...

*Ate noodles in a cup
*Wished I had 13 cents. ;)
*Wanted a bike
*Appreciated Bread, Bananas, and PB
*Loved blue shirts.
*Sang. Sang and sang.
*Felt alone
*Felt safe
*Read about a guy on a mountain. (good book BTW)
*Was the proud receiver of my mother's first text message EVER.
*Loved Gypsy
*Got told I had beautiful eyes. {Yes!}
*Was grateful for Tracy Warby
*Auditioned for choir
*Wanted a job
*Considered that I just might be living with my parents forever...uh...
*Loved first kiss stories
*Wanted to change into a t-shirt
*Got 10 dollars in quarters. {Heck YES laundry!}
*Decided I'm going to travel somewhere where I live in poverty for at least 3 months
*Loved In The Heights
*Mmmm libraries...
*Creeper who remembers my car...haha
*Wished I could be in Granby, MO to wish Elder J a happy 20th b-day
*Thought I was gonna die...a long..phonetic...death.
*Wanted to see my sister's face.
*Saw my face on the front page of the SUU newspaper. HaHa!
*And believe without a doubt that the church is true!!!

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. Hmmm...sounds like quite the wonderful day! Mom is texting! What a happy and strange day! I wish I saw your face today too....soon!

  2. :) oh ally dearest. i love you and i love this. in the heights always makes me think of you and benjamin...
    tomorrow is the first day of my senior year and i wish you were going to be there :/
    have a happy tuesday!