I'm gettin' SO stoked for marriage!
For reals. 

And planning this wedding-all the decorations and what not, are really making me freak out! And in a very good way! My mommy and I just love doing stuff like this, so it's right up our alley. Of course, every moment of planning isn't bliss, but hey. It's been good at the same time. Plus, I'm getting the GREATEST wedding present ever. A new baby nephew only a month before! Can you just see him now in his little outfit? Ah. Die.

So, not every day is absolute heaven with your sweetheart. We all know that. I just gotta say though, the last 2 days? *muah!* as I kiss my fingers and toss them to the wind. Chad Edward really is a funny guy. Haha! He makes me smile all sorts. It's days like the past few that manifest WHY we're put together and how our puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. You'll understand what I mean when you get there, or if you're already there. :)

I saw this, and immediately thought of my truly:

How could this above picture get more perfect?! It can't. It's the truest of true things, though! And just to clear up the air, let's make sure we all know it's tiny ninjas attacking is a beautiful, POSITIVE way more than anything. ;)

Love is great. Feeling for someone is great. Holding someone after a long day is great. Giving encouragement to each other on the curb at midnight is great. Feeling their lips brush against your cheek is great. Laughing at his immaturity and basking in his maturity is great. Sitting as close as possible without sitting on each other during church is great. And giggling together is great.

It's pretty cool that I can have all that ^ great stuff for eternity. Ya? Ya.

Kids? You're gonna love love. Seriously. Fight for it.

AB future J

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