Some Wedding Plans

Lookie what I found?! 

Pinterest? You have served me well. I found this way sweet website where you choose the initial in the middle, and the colors for the wreath and initial, and ta da! A downloadable print so you can have it for yourself!

I'm way excited. Beyond. Yep, havin' a woman moment here. I'm gonna print it up and hang it on the wall of our home in the future. Maybe even have one for each kiddie. :) I'm in love. 

In other news, let's be real. Other news is always wedding and, of course, babies because my sister Leafy is only 3 weeks away from havin' her Baby Robertson! And, due to complications of that little guy not turning, it could be anytime. I'm so ecstatic to be an aunt! 

*cough*, anyway. 

So looks like another post about wedding. Which isn't bad at all. :) I love it!

So here's sort of my color palette. Not a great showing, but it was a picture with the general idea, so you get the drift. And my pinterest board gives the general notion as well.  I'll have you know that I choose my colors when I was...what...12? Yeah, I know. I'm WAY cool.

I LOVE flowers. And, what a perfect, glorious, very-grateful privelage I have because my Aunt Lora and cousin Chelsea are phenomenal, out of this world florists. They did my sister's wedding, and let's be real-they're done a million weddings, so they know their stuff.

We'll see how it ends up. :) Happy wedding!

Love Always,
AB future J