Our Gang

Memorial Day. Not only is it a day to reflect on the veterans and soldiers of the wars of conflict in our world, but also to remember. Remember the good and blessings we have in our lives.

Ah. Just look at us. Our last time together before the boys starting leaving and the rest of us went off to another year of college. Of course, we are missing a few faces to complete Our Gang, but here's our little group on a summer day.

The boys? Serving from Brazil, to Cali, to Africa, to Paraguay. Wow. I miss them like crazy. You better believe they're rockin' every moment of their missions. How I wish I could be a fly in each of these places and buzz around their little missionary experiences and see them at work with Elder Harmon, Elder Roundy, Elder Jones, and Elder Hill on their chests.

What examples they were are to me, even now. I {more than literally} look up to them all and cherish they're hearts of gold. These are amazing men. You better believe their wives are gonna faint every morning just for the pure fact that they married such babes/brilliant men. :) These are real men. I will never forget the impact and special part they played into being a piece of the puzzle that formed Ally Best into who she is.

The girlies? Well, 2 of them are now happily married forever with their sweethearts, I'm on my way, and one already has a million men everywhere and that one special one is right around the corner. She's such a gem that no one will ever really deserve her. :) But I guess I'll live with whoever ends up with my beautiful and most radiant friend. Us girls are just sailing along...and beginning new adventures right and left. It's funny how that happens. Life really does go on...but we never leave each others hearts, really. I think about these girls constantly. Not to mention the ones that weren't present in the picture. They're my sisters. Seriously. And I miss them like crazy. My plan? When we all get married, we'll all just so happen to live in the same ward and see each other ALL the time! Agreed? Agreed. :)

Thank you...to all of them for making my life so brilliant. So splendid and magnificent. You put the color in my life. :)

You have my love ALWAYS.
Little Besty

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