The Splurge

Sometimes I feel like, in order to blog, I have to have something profound to say. Or everything has to be in order before I post. Ha, well, there's my perfectionist, hard on my self side creeping in! Shall we approach this blog with a cool breeze and no expectations? Yes? Yes.

So! I'm getting married! As you know. :) How about I show ya some of my plans, eh?

My dearest and most beautiful, talented cousin ever, Makenzie Crump is going to make this for me. :) I mean, hollah! I'm sorta freakin' out beyond belief that I ACTUALLY get to have this at my wedding! She's gonna add some of her own spice to it, which rocks. I'm so excited! It's gonna hang in our home forever!

I'm finding so many cute sayings and pictures online these days that I decided I would love to print them and frame for my reception. Cute? Lovely? Yes. My future goal is to make a stitching to hang on the wall of the last one {aka, really in love stabbing}. Chad thought it was super great when I showed him.

So I was gonna post some pictures of what ideas I have for my hair and other parts of my bride outfit, but let's be real. We can't have Chad Edward sneaking on here and possibly seeing ANYTHING whatsoever about what his bride to be will look like on the special day! That's just silly! It's going to be COMPLETE surprise and I'm gonna knock his socks off. ;) {Yes ladies, that's pretty confident, but let's be real. It's hard for all girls to say they look great, so I'm punching a wall today and saying I'm gonna be HOT. :)}

Here's a photo from when Chad Edward and I were wee babies! Our first date!

Yeah. Complete babes, wouldn't you say? My brace face, lovin' it. Haha! These photos are so fun to have though. :) For real. Our kids will laugh their heads off. 

So I've never been one for the whole 3 layer cake thing that no one eats, so my sister did this brilliant thing. When I saw it, I swore to my soul that I would do it. Plus it's SUPER cute!

Cupcake, anyone? I won't have candy at mine, but the cupcake tower will reign! You don't spend a million dollars on a cake that just looks pretty but doesn't taste so hot, and its different. :) We'll probably put the cupcakes in polka-dot cups. :) And I'm hoping to make this for my cake topper with some flowers. 

The little flags may have letters on them, maybe not. :) We'll see!

We're also having another cake on the side, our groom's cake. Main purpose being, we need something to cut into for the cutting of the cake, plus my to be brother-in-law is an awesome chef, so why not have him make a cake? :) I want to put these on top of it. 

Gah. Love. These ones I saw on line had the girl one with a piece of lace and the boy had a little boy tie. So great.

So there's somethings, just to name a few! My desktop on my computer is bulging with files and pictures upon pictures of wedding things. Pictures of examples for the florists, decoration ideas, photos for the slideshow, a TO-DO list that's the size of Texas, you name it-I got it. Thank heavens I have pinterest for a lot of photo saving purposes. :)

Totally off topic of wedding, but I'm currently reading, "Jane Eyre". I started it forever ago, but stopped for awhile due to busy school schedule and what not. I delved back in during my trip to Hurricane this weekend, and I just can't put it down! That's what I do. Go crazy and leave society for hours and become characters and change my emotions for the day based on what's happening in the story for the present moment. Ya, it's sorta bad at times. Ask my mother.

But I adore it. I go insane over those types of stories and books. The language drenches me and I just float away in passion. It's the greatest. If you're a book lover, you understand me. If Jane Eyre is your type of book? Read it. Love it. I have this habit where I watch lots of versions of the movie of the book I'm reading {yeah, weird I know} and I like to compare and contrast and pick out parts I like of each. It treats my soul to see different interpretations of my world inside the pages of the book. Nerdy, but real.

Anyway, there's my splurge for today. I just exploded, but I feel lots better now that I've written and cleared my head. :) Love the world! It's a beautiful thing!

AB future J

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