I have THE greatest family ever. Extended, immediate.....all of it.
This past weekend I went down to Hurricane, UT because my cousin Brad came home from his mission. :) Can I be honest? The second I saw him it was like, "Ah.....BRAD. You never left".

All of us are growing up lately in this few years past. A lot of us have gone through some big transitions. The Olders {Haha, nice name, right?} are having kiddlets and getting houses and all that jazz, and others are returning from missions, living on their own in Salt Lake, traveling after high school in the dance world, going through growth spirts, developing amazing natural talents with their hands, going to college, graduating college, getting a license, being a "Miss" of a city, dating, getting married and so on and so on. We're sort of all in a different phase now.

But you know what? The Youngins {now age 13-23} all sat around together on the tramp, and we all said, "Man. We are AWESOME. Look at us! Just a big ole happy family. Now we're all in the next phase, older, wiser, doesn't matter if your cousin is a boy with cooties or not, we all LOVE each other the same now. No more little groupies and such. We're just all one. And every single one of us is completely different and crazy special in their own way".

Yeah. :)

I'm being so honest and not being biased at all. EVERYONE in my family is like no one I have ever met. And they all ROCK. They're the best people, the ones you look up to, the ones you want to be.

I love going to Hurricane with the whole Mommy side of the family because I'm reminded that I come from something incredible. I have Aunts who are fighters. I have a Grandma and Grandpa who NEVER EVER give up and thank Heavenly Father everyday that they are blessed with so much, even though, in the world's view, they may have nothing. I have Uncles who make me laugh  and work so hard to bless others. A Grandpa who has turned around completely.

Then I have a family right here who are fighters, too. Who are braver then I'll ever be. Dealing with struggle in the greatest way. Working so hard so that we can be happy. Doing the weirdest things-and making us laugh. A brother who is living his dream. Another who is my Best Friend whether he's 16, 25, or 50. A sister who is intelligent and smart and knows how to talk to people to make them feel she cares. A mother....well you all know you can't explain mothers. But a mommy who LOVES, even after the clock and sacrifices her life for ours. A Daddy who reminds us to laugh and smile and love and move forward. A sister-in-law who never gives up on the dream of a baby someday, whether through her or another family. A brother-in-law who doesn't see his family unless a plane ride is involved. A long one. And he keeps going.

I admire my family.

And I am blessed. I can't believe he placed me with such phenomenal people. I am so lucky.

My devotion to Hurricane, UT- and my own backyard. What about your family?

AB future J

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