Butterfly Wings

I remember when I first started blogging.
I felt so much pressure to make it perfect...then to not make it perfect and just be myself...then stopped for awhile...then got crazy about it again. Then stopped thinking and just wrote. And that's where I'm at now.

Bottom line, sometimes people just need somewhere to write random thoughts and random feelings. Like those little butterflies that always fly above you and they need a place to rest. But your bedroom floor won't do it for them. So here I am. Writing butterfly wings to you.

You being, who knows? You never know WHO exactly reads what you write, not even talking about blogs. Whose actually gonna read my journals when I'm gone? Will there be some random girl millions of years from now who finds it tucked away in some random thrift store? Or some falling apart house that her and her little family moved into to fix up? I dunno. But it's still nice to have a blank page to write to. I really don't have a big feelings about knowing who, what, or how many people read this. If ya do, rad. :) I'm glad. Truly. It's fun to read another's thoughts and happenings in their life. If not, rad, too. You're probably sitting on a beach or wiping a muddy kids face or something. And I'm happy about that. Really.

Writing is like this thread....they're everywhere. So many people have blogs they write to or journals they scribble on or books they write. And to discover them? It's pretty great. Some lay there, beautiful, but maybe not looked at as much, and it's still beautiful and has purpose. Others, seen so much that maybe the thread is getting a little thin. Or it's getting brighter from the acknowledgement. Up to you, really.

I'm glad I got you, Little Besty, to write to.

Today, I am oh so thankful for hands. Really, I like being crafty and cleaning things, even though I may not even be good at it. I started working at Holdman Glass today where my daddy and little bro and Spenc work at, and it was so satisfying to sit and clean that window that's going in the Boise Temple. :) Believe me, it's maticulous work. Some pieces are so small, you can only get to it with the end of a wooden skewer. But I love it.

I've also been making stuff for the wedding :), and that's been so great, too.

I think I may have posted this picture before...but anyway. I made my own version of this yesterday for the top of our cake, and it turned out SO CUTE. And it may or may not have a M...and an R... and M..R...S..some how hanging about it.  It's one of those things where you think it's going to epically fail when you start out, but then....hey....that actually looks pretty good! I would post a picture, but world! I'm not gonna spoil ALL my wedding surprises and details to you before! You'll just have to come and see. :) It's gonna be so much fun.

This wedding planning has been so lovely and wonderful. I've definitely had moments of wanting to stab my eyes out {right, Honey? ;)}, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with my general feeling of planning.

Also, I just finished the 1st season of this:

And I couldn't be more pleased. I SURE AS EVER HOPE they continue with it!!!!!!! AH. I would CRY if they didn't! Yes, I'm a nerd and have seen every single episode of every season {some multiple times} of Avatar: The Last Airbender. So when I heard they had a new series, taking place years later with descendants of previous characters and new characters and awesome characters AHHH! I wet my pants. I know, gross, but really. And I was NOT disappointed! I love it so much! So yes. (cough*). See it NOW before they take all the episodes off nick.com!

I also finished reading Jane Eyre, and I cannot utter [type, really] another word about it for now is not the time. There is too much behind those thoughts wrapped around that book and we must wait for the right time to disclose that information. Enough said.

Anyway. Thanks, Besty. Nice chatting with you.

AB future J

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