So when I was in Jr. High, I did these questions like every day of my life on email. People would send them to me and ask for a reply back. {Haha...remember when email and windows messenger were the only way to communicate with people outside of school, besides phone calls? Ya, phone CALLS, not text? Wow.  Anyway. Here's to it. 

A. Age: 20. {Gasp}
B. Bed size: Well, I never actually sleep in my bed so..ya. I'm weird. Varies from the couch to my bro's bed when he doesn't sleep there. I have problems, I know.
C. Chore you hate: Hmmm...probably dusting. But all chores turn into meditation time for me so, not too bad.
D. Dogs: LOVE LOVE LOVE doggies. {CHAD, you should read this. :)}. Just a little story about this one. So, I've discovered having certain expectations for marriage and what not isn't always the best thing. You want expectations to an extent so you don't marry a serial killer who poked needles into baby dolls for fun, but nothing too crazy because let's be honest. No man is ever gonna be everything. We are humans, ya know. So, I always expected to be getting a puppy when I got married. Not right off, necessarily, but eventually because after Buster died  in my family, my dad said the only time I'll ever get a dog again is if I'm married and out of the house. Well? Marriage means that, so I was stoked to be getting that! When I expressed this dream to Chad, who I thought would totally be on board, he FREAKED. Not in a little girl tantrum way, but basically made it clear that he would NEVER EVER have a dog. Period. What?! Imagine the saddest, tear-filled expression on a little girl and that was me. Oh boy. So, we're just gonna keep going and see what happens with our future and little kids {because they'll all want a dog-trust me} and take it a day at a time. Hahahaha...don't worry future puppy, I will win! ;)
E. Essential start to your day: Splashing my face with water
F. Favorite color: To wear? Purple...light pink...cream. Just in general? Green, Orange, and Pink.
G. Gold or Silver: Weird how times change, because I have this thing for gold these days. But I love both. 
H. Height: 4' 11 3/4". Reason for the 3/4? I'm not 5 foot, and I'm not 4' 11", so that's what I am. :)
I. Instruments you play: Piano since I was about 9, and then voice forever. :)
J. Job title: Sister, Daughter, Fiance {Those are BIG jobs}, and then Brown Brothers Catering Supervisor.
K. Kids: In the future? HECK YES! 
L. Live: "Utah, getting bigger and better!" 
M. Mom’s name: Would YOU like to know. ;) Lisa. 
N. Nicknames:  Ally-Boo, Besty, AllyBest {all together}, Mo, and then all the gooey gushy love names that fiance's give you. ;)
O. Overnight hospital stays: Not ever never. 
P. Pet peeve: Disrespect. Oooooo it makes my blood boil! Like when people won't listen and chat while people are speaking. Kill them. Then my stupid freezer at home. When it's not closed all the way, even a fraction of air, it makes this car door open sound every 30 seconds, and it seems the freezer is NEVER closed all the way. No fault of a human in the household, just a freezer who hates me. 
Q. Quote from a movie:  HA! Beautiful. This is from Madagascar 3. Highly recommend it if you want a good laugh. "Chimichanga! These pillows are full of dead baby birds!"-Skipper and " 'You better. That was Private's community college fund.'-Skipper 'I'm never going to be President now!'-Private".  Hahaha! I laughed for years.
R. Right or left handed: Righty
S. Siblings:  Ya? They're radical, and?
T. Time you wake up:  It varies in the summer. But lately it's been 8:30. Weird, because I usually sleep forever. 
U. Underwear: When I was little? Well ones with little flowers and princesses always seems to make me happy. :)
V. Vegetables you dislike: TOMATOES. Only if they're little and in stuff, but other than that, never. 
W. What makes you run late:  Hahaha, I'm gonna get killed for saying this, but it's true. My Family. 
X. X-Rays you’ve had:  My teeth ;), and my torso/ribs/chest for tendinitis-checking in case I had a tumor.
Y. Yummy food you make:  Rice pilaf {thanks mom!}, Ice cream cake, rice with a chicken sauce on top, and pizza rolls. :)
Z. Zoo–favorite animal:  Oh I can never decide. I say "Ah! Cuuuuute!" like 50 million times when I go. But, usually the penguins and elephants get me. 

There ya go! This is sorta fun every now and then. :) Reminds you what you love and things about yourself! Happy Monday, one and all!

AB future J


  1. any clue who the "my paper heart" person was?... it's been such a long time since high school it seems...*sigh*

  2. I remember sending and receiving these chain emails from you Ally! The good ole days! :D