Our Story

    Chad Edward and I met in September of 2007. I was a scared-out-of-my-pants sophomore at AF High School. He was a junior, probably not as scared-out-of-his-pants by this point. I'd been involved in theater in junior high and wanted to pursue it in high school as well, so I decided to audition for the school play, Peter Pan. A lot of people told me that sophmores were lucky to get into the shows and I was a young teenage girl, so with my mind, I probably wasn't gonna make. But I might as well try. So I auditioned and waited for the results.

    Chad wasn't planning on auditioning. He actually signed up the DAY OF the auditions and took the last spot on the sign up list. A name was actually erased, so he "technically" wouldn't have been able to sign up if the name had been there. {Though we all know people squeeze their name on the list:)}. He waited for the results.

   What do ya know, we both made it! I got the part of Wendy {which I still am shocked about to this day}, and Chad was a pirate. As the rehearsal process went on, I actually formed a crush for his best friend! Chad Edward started having some love dove feelings for me :), but knew he couldn't really do anything about it because of the "Best Friend's Girl Don't Even Think About It" thing. " :)

   We became good friends back stage behind the pirate ship. Every time before I went on for a certain scene, he was behind stage with me and we would joke and laugh. I thought he was funny and comfortable to talk to. I liked him as a good friend.

   The next semester started and we found that we were in the same seminary class. Sweet! We sat by each other and got to know each others spiritual side. I think this is where we really got to know each other. Sadie Hawkins was coming up and I wanted to go with someone that was super fun and would go crazy with me, so I thought my new friend, Chad E. Johnson would fill the quota. :)

   We had a BLAST at Sadies! We always joke about how when I picked him up and we walked to the car, he was about to open the door for me and I slammed him against the car and said that I was the man tonight and he couldn't do that. :) Haha! Poor guy. It seriously was one of the funnest dances I ever went to in high school. We went crazy and had the best time ever! I think this dance started the "best friend" phase for us.

   I dated his best friend on and off, and even though I was a whole bunch of drama as far as boys went, Chad was always there for me and would let me vent to him about anything. I really did tell him everything and knew I got turn to him for comfort. I knew he liked me, but at this point in time, I just didn't like him more than a friend. Poor Chad, I was such a meanie in regards to liking!

   We continued to be best friends into his senior year. He was still always there for me and knew how to make me laugh. I went on liking other boys.....and he was there when stuff got sticky. What a GUY! Seriously, in his position, I probably would have been gone long ago! Near the end of his graduation, I sorta started having that "Ally-you're-so-stupid" thing going on. I really thought about it, and I realized how much Chad meant to me. What was I doing? The boy who treated me the best ever was right in front of me and I never gave him the time of day! {as far as dating went}. So, this is where our "first kiss" happened {which is another story for another day ;)}. It was so exciting!

   Well, after a few weeks, and a few months away from his mission, I started feeling a little weird about us. It just wasn't right. I didn't want to say anything because I was scared of hurting him {again}, but there came a time when I just couldn't ignore it anymore. Being the awesome man he is, he took it pretty well and we went back to being friends. Looking back, we both appreciated this time. He was focused on his mission and we still got to hang out a lot as friends.

   Before he left, he mentioned that if I was here when he got back, that would be great, but if not, he just wanted me to be happy. I said I was going to date other people and if I was still here, we could see what might happen. But for sure, we would write as best friends to support each other!  This was the greatest thing for us because we didn't feel tied down to a promise-so he could focus and I could freely date without feeling disloyal.

   Chad was first and foremost my best friend, so it was still hard to see him go. I was soooo stoked for him to serve in Oklahoma, but I missed him! I remember crying all night when he left! Haha, there's best friends right there. It was hard not being able to call him anytime. I missed our porch talks and "cookie dough" babies {don't ask :)}. But I knew he was on the Lord's errand and I wanted nothing more for him!

   The next two years would take forever to tell. But to sum it up, being away from someone you care about a lot can really get your mind reeling concerning the subject of a special forever someone. I did date, and loved it. I definitely needed that in my journey and I learned so much! About myself and about what I really wanted in an eternal companion. I'm SO GLAD I took this opportunity in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

   Chad was an AMAZING missionary. I wish I could tell you all of his stories. He was a ROCK in a stormy sea, and I admire him for it. I don't know if I could have went through what he went through. I saw him "catch on fire" spiritually and it was spectacular to watch as a best friend who knew him so well! I was so proud of him every day. 

   Near the last 6 months of Chad Edward's mission, I started really thinking. I was just done with the dating phase at that point. Chad was coming home soon, so I might as well wait till he gets back. I knew I couldn't really go on, as far as dating goes, until I knew what could happen with Chad. So I lived up the single life and anxiously watched the mailbox for his weekly letters and the calender for his homecoming. :)

   He came home, and literally, the rest is history. We decided to date exclusively the day after he got back after we did baptisms at the Mt. Timp. Temple and knew marriage was in the picture from the beginning. However, we took it slow, like a smart little couple, and got to "re-know" each other. He was still Chad and I was still Ally, but we were both very different! So this time was important for us. 

   We had our bumps along the way, just like every couple. I definitely had my "cold feet" moments where I didn't know if I was supposed to get married for awhile. Maybe I was supposed to serve a mission-maybe I wasn't ready for marriage yet. Chad was always very patient with me when I had these "episodes" and was very understanding and sweet. Of course he wanted to get married ASAP, but he made sure I knew that he would do whatever it took for me to feel ready. He even said once, "I'd wait 10 years to marry you!". Yep, definite keeper.

   We got engaged after dating for 8 months {you better believe we got flack for that! But I'm proud of us for waiting till we were ready!} on May 8th at Memory Grove Park in Salt Lake City. What a day that was!

   Chad Edward & I couldn't be more happier-the only thing that will bring us greater happiness is being sealed for time and all eternity as eternal sweethearts-which is gonna happen on August 14, 2012 in the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Wahoo!!!!! Here's to forever, baby!

   It still gets me sometimes that we're actually getting married. I've said this to Chad before, but sometimes it amazes me-I'm really marrying Chad Johnson. Honestly, when I met him in 10th grade, I never thought I would marry this guy, but now, I would never think twice about marrying anyone else. We really are BEST FRIENDS, even meaning the mean and ugly side-which is why we are so great and strong together. We've been through a LOT, both good and bad and know we can make this work. Now that we're together, we're soul mates!

   I can't wait for our new adventure to begin. Marriage is seriously gonna ROCK with Chad Edward. I'm thrilled beyond belief to be spending my eternity with him and that I get to watch all the amazing things he's gonna do. Being a killer-hunk of a husband,a marvelous daddy to our kids, serving the Lord every day of his life and a million other things. What a life we'll have!

Here's to a bright, incredible eternity. I love you, Chad Edward!


  1. You two are adorable! And I wish the very best for you :) Loved your life story together...I hope to get an invite Miss Ally Best! I want to come to your reception!

  2. So cute! I am so glad you two are getting married. P.s. Can I just say I love the cavestock photobooth picture of you two (it definitely made my heart hurt with how cute and precious it is-it just looks so sincere! I love it!) and then the one of you two looking at each other in black and white and it looks like he has frosting on his face? maybe? and the very last one with the bike. SOOO cute! Congrats again!!! I'm so excited you guys will be married soon. It only gets better and better!!! :)

  3. You will DEFINITELY be getting an invite, Kels!

  4. Haha, thanks my dear Kaylee! Yes..the cavestock one is one of my all time favorites of us. Killer. And yes, he does have frosting on his face {we tend to get in frosting fights ;)} and our engagements thus far have turned out WAY awesome, so I'm glad you like them! I am sooooo stoked for marriage, believe me. I can't even imagine the full capacity of what it will be like! But hey, still way thrilled to find out. :) I hope you and baby Steiner are doing well, as well as the hubbie! What a perfect little family you've created. I love it! Hope to see you soon, Kaylee!

  5. Okay, so you don't know who I am... but I stumbled upon your blog and can I just tell you how wonderful it is to read your story??
    I too am waiting for a missionary :) He gets home in November and I'm so excited!!! Your story is pretty much almost the same as mine... and I just love it! It's so comforting to read that I'm not alone! This is prolly so weird since I just found your blog but cute story:] and good luck with marriage :] I'm sure it'll be wonderful!