Good Morning, March 26th!
Ah. What a beautiful morning!

Let's just hope that Cedar City
doesn't go all by-polar again
and decide to randomly blizzard
seconds after a sunny sky.

Seriously, I've never seen such drastic
incredibly fast weather changes in my life.

I was walking back to my dorm after
the weather had gone on a snow-rampage,
and looked in the flower beds.
For months it's only consisted of cold dirt and bushes.

Not this time.

Daffodils were shooting up from the ground and in full-bloom!
They are gorgeous.
Simply beautiful.

Look at 'em!
I have always been a nature girl.
My parents definitely brought be up well, in that regard.
We took frequent camping trips and adventures
all while I was growing up.
Here I learned to see the wonders of God.
The green blades covered with dew,
the silence of a moose in the distance,
the smell of fresh morning
when you wake up in the sleeping bag.

It's sort of surreal.
I guarantee when I'm in nature,
I, without a doubt, feel the love
of my Heavenly Father.

First off, He's a genius.
Creating petals of flowers,
the consistency of water,
the smell of the mountains...
He knew what he was doing.
And he did it all for us.

If that's not pure love right there,
I don't know what is.

One of my favorites of His creations?
Especially Sir Robin!

This little guy was hopping
around the music building
on my way to class.
One of my favorite things about
these birds are their red-breasted chests
and eensie-weensie, bobbing feet!
Ha ha!
It's so cute when they jump around on them. ;)

Thanks for not flying away
Sir Robin.
You were there when I needed you.
I always have a good day when you're around.

Take some time today to get outside,
even if it's chilly,
and spend some time with Him.
You won't regret it

{I'm the blondie on the right ;)}

Have a wonderful Saturday.
Love Always,
Little Besty

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