One Sure Thing to Calm an Angry Woman

I've found something that always
calms Little Miss Best down.

{Future Husband, takes notes ;)}


Today I was walking back from the library
and just wanted to punch something.
Probably something like a pillow,
chunk of cheese,
or harmless pile of dirt
would have been my best option
so as not to inflict harm to the helpless humans
unfortunate enough to be near me.

I finished reading a book series last night
and wanted to scream,
then I read a play today
and just felt angry.

I don't recommend reading angry plays
when you have to be in human company soon after.
Just sayin'.

Naturally, I succumb to the habitat of my dorm room
and pull the curtain over the "pretty sunshine".
"I haaaaaate sunshine! Haaaate!"-Mad Madame Mim
That was me.
I'm kinda ridiculous.

I decide this probably isn't the greatest state
to be living in,
so I plug in the IPOD
and try to calm my little-Miss-self down.

Instantaneously, my limbs relax.
My brows un-forrow,
stress is released in my jaw,
and I feel like a pale, soothing shade of blue.

And I thought of bubbles.
Just thought you should know...

I look at my IPOD.
No shock enters my mind.
Pcccch. Duh. InsideOut!
AND it's on my "Ally" playlist,
created by none other than my
bestest forever friend!

He knows me too well.
I swear he broke into my mind
before he left and created a perfect
"escape" world for me
because he knew I would have days
where I wanted to throw a book at a wall
or rip a play in half.

Love that man o' mine.

Back to InsideOut.
I pretty much love their rich,
accappella {who knows how to ever spell that ;)}
sounds of intense glory.
They always put me in a carefree, joyful, and
sentimental mood.
Just like Mint Oreos do...

Here are my favorite songs by the
rocking InsideOut:

"McDonald's Girl"
version of: "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
version of: "The Priesthood is Restored"
version of: **"I Am A Child of God"
version of: "When I Am Baptized"
"Peanut Butter & Jelly"

Please look up just one, for me.
I know you'll love 'em.

Love the life you live.

Love always,
Little Besty

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