Super Conference Saturday

What a beautiful day.

I walked in the bathroom this morning
to a window casting sunlight on the tile
and a bright chirping of a birdie.

I think Sir Robin came to find me. :)

Then I hear the sound of my choir,
greeting me with their praises.


I'm so intense about conference
that during this break
I went to the store and bought refills
for me G-207 pens.

If my notes are not written in G-207
they don't deserve to be scribbled
on my page at all. :)

I just wanted to share another
moment of my life with you
that occurred at the store.

I was walking past the furniture
and a little BOY said to his daddy
holding his hand,

"Daddy, all I want for my birthday
is TANGLED!!!"

Oh my sweet children of the earth.

I got the biggest grin on my face
and chuckled to myself.

I want Tangled for my birthday too,
little guy.
I'll find you in heaven and we
can watch it together when we
both get there, so as to celebrate
our love for princess'with
excessive amounts of
hair and letters in their name.

Thanks for making my
Super Conference Saturday
even brighter.

Happy Day!
All Is Well!

Love Always,
Little Besty

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