For You

I just have one thought.

On rare occasion when something
happens in our lives ;),
it can be tough.
Tougher than a crunchy-one-month-old pizza crust.

Afraid, alone, worried, hurt....it's not exactly a bowl of red jello.

Here's the thing.
It is hard. It may make no sense.
But someone who created all
earth and universe knows
what will bring you the greatest happiness.

It's often referred to
Never Ending Happiness

So when you don't understand
and feel the ache of your heart against your chest,
have faith and believe that Heavenly Father will indeed
take care of you.

You are exquisite.
You are timeless.
You are worth fighting for.
And your existence gives me hope.

All my love to you.

Love always,
Little Besty

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