Washing away

While I was rinsing the 3 layers deep, white-face make-up off
my inflamed skin last night,
I got to thinking.

Oh what thoughts arrive to the wide mind of a thinker.

I looked at my face in the mirror,
listened to the laughter coming from dear friends,
and smacked my mouth together so as to enhance the flavor
of Goldfish that had currently been smashed between my molars.

I smiled.

Oh what a life I live.

As I rubbed the washcloth across the surface,
I went back to months before where I was laying on my bed,
with my covers pulled over my chin and tears streaming down
to where they gathered on my pillow.
My mother whispered, on the phone,
sweet words of comfort
to the little girl who wanted to give up.
Fear was on her side.

I couldn't do it anymore.
Then, these words appeared in my mind.

"Open your eyes"

Well, if I opened them at that second,
my body wouldn't have allowed my swollen sockets
to crack a millimeter.

But, I figured that little voices in my
head usually indicate that They're trying
to help me. ;)

So I did.
For the next 3 months, I did.
And I found wonderous results.

The water felt warm and soothing to my aching skin,
and I felt renewed and fresh from the mask
that had consumed my face minutes earlier.

Opening my eyes
has made me a new person.
There is beauty anywhere in the world.
You just have to have the eyes to see it.
I look in that mirror
and see the new woman
that has risen from wiping away
the layers of fear.

Once you give hope a chance,
your life will become that story you always
wished it could become...
in the most unlikely place.

It could be a place where you never wished you were.
It could happen in a place where you never thought you'd be.
It can take place where you are most afraid.

Then, the rocks, sunshine, and cool grass
become your sanctuary.

I look in that mirror
and find that I am the happiest
individual I could ever be at this
point in my life.

.Open your eyes.

You'll be pleased with what you find.

Love always,
Little Besty

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