Yearning for the Smile

Time to let
"The Tale of the Napkins"

"Greeting from a dear friend...
what joy it brings to find
comfort in a smiling face
or a high five
or a tap...
a hug.

They all bring a little
bit of happiness in the world."

I looked up from my cottage cheese
and locked my eyes
on Colette and another worker.
He saw her, and got a little smile.
They waved and laughed.

I scribbled on the napkin beneath my
rough hands,
and felt that flutter in my chest.
It's the "good flutter".
The one that conveys to you
that life is really worth living.
It's beautiful.
Just give it a chance to warm your heart.

A little thing called "human contact"
really does put an exclamation
to the end of the word, "life".


Just a wee, little "hi"
from the random kid in your English class.
A small acknowledgement
that someone noticed your existence.
Whether they were your bestest friend,
or a lady in the grocery store.

Give yourself a chance
to let someone touch your heart.
Someone you don't even know.

And maybe you can find
a way to warm theirs.

Who knows?

You might just make someone's day.

Ah, but to love.

Love always,
Little Besty

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