Interpretations of a Napkin

Each writer has their own way
of keeping thoughts.

Some have a little notebook
that they keep with them at all times
as to ensure the safety of having
a slip of paper at any opportune moment
so that a thought entering into the mind
may not be lost.

Some keep tabs in their brains of little
thoughts they need to highlight
at some particular given time.
It may emulate a To-Do List.

Though I tend to venture into all of the above,
one that I have thoroughly enjoyed is:
Napkin Writing
This idea first popped into my head
when I heard that the first stems of
the ideas of Harry Potter came from
the scribblings on a napkin.

You're cool J.K. ;)

So, I thought I'd explore this idea
and see how it went.

The cafeteria I eat at everyday
seemed a bit more "green" on a particular day.
My dear friend pointed out that the napkins
had suddenly become "cheaper" looking.
White to brown....thinner...eh...a napkin's a napkin.
If it's helping something, go for it.
I totally support this cause.

As I sit alone at a table,
I pull out a napkin with my trusty
G-207 in hand and watch the flow of ink
spread across the paper.

Is napkin a form of paper?

I look around the room
and watch my fellow human beings
interact and become fascinated with their
connections and emotions.

I am quite willing to begin to share with you
my thoughts on my slip of brown napkin,
{soon to become napkinS}
but I must first compile my works*
and refine them.

My checklist is ticking,
my notebooks are filling,
and my pens are soon to be out of ink,
but I promise the Tales of the Napkins
will soon unfold.

Have a Merry Monday.

Love always,
Little Besty

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