Child Within

I was sitting amongst my amazing, musical colleagues,
trying to accomplish the task of doing homework,
when I realized something.

I've discovered in the last few weeks
that we all have a child very much within us.
Some decide to hide it more than others as
years dull the sense of youth,
but it's still there.

Have you ever thought about what
makes the child come out in you?

Well I've discovered two in the past few weeks.

#1: "We're Back"

Until this past weekend, I believed every human
alive had seen this fantastic and thrilling movie.
I imagined my voice blasting through the speakers
of Dr. New-eyes' wish radio.
Yes, I made wishes as a child.
I believed that one day, I would walk outside
and see Rex come to life and he would be my friend.
I wanted to be the little girl who was so lucky to
have the dinosaurs find her.
Life was exquisite when I popped this movie in.

Anywho, I discovered that one of my dear friends,
Matt Clegg had not seen this particular film
and demanded that we watched it.
Of course he loved it.
Who wouldn't?

After our movie fest, I started asking others
if they shared the same enjoyment as I did
when word of "We're Back" was zapped into their mind,
which would thus produce a child-like, positive reaction.

All of them said...
"Holy cow! I love that movie!
That movie was my childhood!"

Enough said.

My children will indeed be plopped down on the couch
with homemade popcorn in between their buttery fingers
to view this extraordinary film that caused their mommy's
little heart to come alive.

#2 Avatar: The Last Airbender

It's totally normal that this picture
sends shivers up my spine...right?


I was introduced to this phenomenal show
on Valentines Day.
I would sort of mention the word obsessed...
but I suggest we move on with this conversation.

My favorite?
The moments Aang turns at his entrance
into the spirit world, and is lite up with the
power of the Avatar.

Nerd. Totally okay with that.

I thoroughly LOVE this show.
And I'm only on season 2!
I'm hurrying as fast as I can to get to the middle
of season 3 so that all of the Avatar lovers can
get together and finish this thing!

I don't want it to end though...just like
my beloved Harry Potter.

Can I tell you my all time favorite part about all this, though?
There are Avatar lovers everywhere.
Holy Smokes.
It's like they're coming out of the wood-works!
I mention the word "bender"
and people appear of thin air with a
grin on their face...
"So what bender are you?"
Yesterday, with the mention of Avatar,
my friend bounces up on the bench
and starts talking a mile a minute.

This deeply satisfies my soul.

In a happy, joyous conclusion, I state the fact
that even at the age of 19, 24, 40, or 59...

You can still see the child within.

Have a marvelous March.

Love always,
Little Besty

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