Well now that I finally figured out the camera situation, I can put up some photos, as of late!

My goodness, my hubbie is now a whopping 22. ;) Who would have ever thought. We had such fun on the birthday festivities {ha, and it wasn't even mine!}. Ryan and KacyAnn {bro and sis-in-law} took us out to Oliver Garden, which was fantastic, especially when you're newly weds. After dinner, they took us to Nickelcade and we had such a great time! His mom took us to Los Hermanos and Chad got nachos that were the size of France. Literally. It took him a week to eat them all! After that delicious dinner, we went to Comedy Sportz, which is always a deep pleasure. 

The two of us went to a movie {which was so-so} and afterwards I took Chad to the mall to get a new outfit for life and fun. :)

Look how stylin' he is! And yes, those are red pants. :)

Myself for birthday happiness. Get this! Chad TOTALLY picked out those smokin' pink pants on our honeymoon! He's got style...

So for his birthday we didn't have a cake or anything, so we got him a Krispie Kreme donut. :) What could be better on a birthday than a donut, spider-man cup, and a wife? So his birthday deemed spectacular.

About a week later I went on a weekend trip to Hurricane with the fam. Unfortunately, Chad couldn't come because of work :(, but I had a good time catching up with family. I just love Hurricane. It brings complete rest and joy in my soul and I always feel refreshed when I go. Seeing my grandma and cousins just makes the world a better place. 

I'm amazed this picture turned out like it did because in reality, I was a gross, sweaty mess on that car ride!

This past weekend I performed a solo for a "Best of Chamber" concert at UVU. The chamber choir is raising money so that we can go on tour to CHINA {I know, RIGHT!} this year, so we put on a fundraising concert. Everyone came with solos, duets, quintets...you name it and we all performed. It was actually super fun! It was so great to hear all my colleagues show off their stuff. I sang, "Astonishing" from Little Women. I've always wanted to sing that song, but it's a beast. But hey, I thought I'd give it a shot and it actually went pretty well. :)

My hair for the performance. :)

I think the best part of the evening was when I was sewing a button onto my vest before the concert started and one of my friends said, "You really ARE a little woman! Look at you sewing!". :) That's RIGHT!

Before the show, my Daddy and Mommy took Chad & I out for dinner at my favorite...The Old Spagetti Factory. Ah. Let me tell ya. Special dinner is a GUGILLION (yes, gugillion), times better when you're married. Yes, anything in regards to food is wonderful. So I was triple-foldly glad for my parents and their love. It was so good to see my parents! I miss them like crazy and don't see them very often, so any sighting is fantastic.

So yeah for some happy times of August/September. Here's lookin got October! My birthday month!

Love. Love always.

Ally Jo

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  1. Happy birthday to Chad :D. I got to shop at DI so I know how exciting it is to get new cloths :D hehe. First time :D