Little Tender Mercies

Sometimes....you get really inspired. And it's a wonderful feeling. 

Then other times you feel pretty down and sad. Which isn't such a great feeling.

But then you remember what inspired you, and the pretty downs turn into pretty ups:

And then you get happiness. :)

These past few days I've seen countless "tender mercies" put in my day. Because let's be honest. It's been a rough week for Mrs. Johnson. The fruit has tasted a little bitter. But I'm a fighter. And Mrs. A.B. Johnson doesn't quit. No siree.

So I've been given a few little things to brighten up my day. And I KNOW for a fact that He knows what I'm going through...and how hard it's been...and so He gives me little gifts that He knows I love. 

Like fall weather. The bursts of color on the mountains were lined with puffy clouds the other morning and it just made my heart melt and smooth over. I was definitely Mrs. Grumpy Gills before but after that, my heart was softened. :)

Like ColdStone. :) Ha. This is sort of Chad Edward and I's little splurge. Well, it's not really a splurge because it's all paid for with gift cards {thank you dear family and friends!}, but it's always our little treat. This past Saturday we went in for our fix and who else was there but the sealer who sealed us on our wedding day! Ah. Seeing him lifted my spirit. We said hello and he got the biggest grin on his face. We met his wife and his grandchildren who were there with him. He's just the most amazing man. I feel like he was my own Grandpa! What a way to celebrate Chad & I's marriage and love for each other. 
Like a movie night with my hubbie to the GREATEST movie ever! The Amazing Spider-Man. It's been such a long long long long time since I've seen a really good film, and Spider-man, you did it for me. :) I couldn't have been more pleased. 

Like a good conversation about SUU. I didn't realize it till we started talking, but I needed that conversation. I needed to remember my sweet and dear times in Cedar City. My colleague and I talked of professors there and I thought of how I missed them so. I remembered late night Walmart runs for chocolate and milk. I remembered when my friend from my singles ward bought me milk because I was low on cash. I remembered waking up 5 minutes before class because I lived across the street from the music building. I remembered my first weekend in college where I stayed up till 4 AM watching scary movies with new friends and eating ice cream in the church parking lot and chatting with a police officer. 
Like finding out you live really close to someone you admire and look up to so very much. I read through the night reading her book this summer. I read her blog everyday. I screamed very very loud for her and her adorable family in the Freedom Parade in provo. I have felt continually inspired by her story and message she gives to all women and families. I have such a great love for her...so whether or not I get the courage to walk a street over and knock on her door with some cookies in hand and tell her how amazing she is...it gives me strength to think one of my role models spirit is so close. 
Like my sweet nephew, Carter. I can't explain what joy and strength it gives me to receive a picture on my phone from my sister of my cool little guy. :) He brings such great happiness on the cloudiest days. 
Like my visiting teacher. She came JUST at the perfect moment. I couldn't have asked for a more exquisite answer to my prayers. Thank you, Kaitlin-and Mandy!
Like the book I'm reading. All the little stories within remind me of what I want to be.
Like my husband. Always so sweet and quick to serve me at the drop of a dime. 
I receive so many little gifts, and I am so very grateful for them. I'm happy for the life I've lived. And may I look forward to the rich life ahead. :) How grateful I am for my little tender mercies. 

May we love always. 

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