Life has been quite good lately. I don't have much I can complain about. Plus complaining just sounds nasty as a word anyhow, so why would a talk about that?

Chad and I have been busy at schoolwork, work, and activities of many sorts. The other night, we went over to my brother and sister-in-law's house, Chris & Julianne to have some beef stew! AH. We love that lovely beef stew. It warms you up like none other and makes Chris and I's nose run. :) Thought you ought to know. I just love being with them. They are such good people and are both so very talented! They make Chad and I laugh and keep our spirits up. 

We went to our ward Halloween Party and it was a blast! They put so much work into it and everyone came with the cleverest costumes ever! I would have never thought of that! My favorite by far was the Daddy was a monk, the Mommy was a nun, and their little girl was Nacho. CLASSIC. Her little onesie had chest hair attached and everything. So cute! We have such a great ward and Chad and I are enjoying getting to know everyone and make new friends. 

We're getting a new car on Halloween! Thank heavens, hooray. Seriously. It's a Mazda 6 and we are eager to get our new little addition to the...family. Good thing that sounds like we're speaking of a child. 

We got callings! Yahoo! Chad and I are Choir Committee Members, which means we help choose music, organize treats, and help plan the Christmas and Easter Program. Oh ya. And the Bishop informed me that I'll be accompaining some songs too. AHHH! If you know me, yes, I play piano but playing for people is not my forte. But the Bishop said it would be good for me...grrrr....and I know he's right. So! Here's to not messing up too bad in front of the whole ward. Chad has also been called as the Assistant Secretary to the Elders Quorum Presidency. He's very excited about that and gets to work with some awesome men!

Overall, things are going very well for the Johnson Family. We are SO very blessed and just love being newlyweds. I'm glad I got him to keep my laughin' when life gets tough. Take care, all. 

Ally Jo

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  1. okay. your blog is absolutely darling.
    and i just am so excited to get to know you better in our ward! thanks for your kindness and your bright smiling face!