We Can Make It

My new temple. :)

I absolutely love Fall.

Adore it, more like.

I discovered this year that about 3/4 of my clothes are long sleeve. Who knew? In the warm months I was always trying to be creative, but most of the time ended up with a t-shirt and jeans because it's the most comfy when I'm hot and sweaty. But now I look in the closet and see endless possibilities!

Ha. I'm a goober. There may be endless possibilities but it all depends if I EVER get up out of bed (with the worst bed-head and morning breath ever) and feel like taking the time to actually get dressed up instead of just a sweater. {Except I would NEVER say "just sweater" because it would hurt sweater's feelings.:) And sweaters rock}.

Anyway. Enough of sweaters.

I'm feeling a bit crazy lately. Like I'm here...but I'm not. Anyone relate? Like I go where I go, but there's this glass case around me and it's like I'm watching all these people and interactions, but I don't think I'm really there. {Chuckles}. It's a real scream, but definitely true. I'm gonna go back under my blanket now...

I LOVE apple cider! My favorite thought at this moment is getting in my footsie pajamas and cuddling up with a hot mug of cider and a good read. Mmmmm.....Bliss.....come to me.

Oh yes. I've started a Savory Scripture text. Basically I send you a scripture everyday with my little thought. That's all. No monthly fee, no commitment, no hassle, no anything. :) I would even send you a piece of chocolate with it if it were possible. If you want to become apart of the Savory Scripture love, just....contact me....somehow....{probably facebook message} since I probably shouldn't give out my number on here for creepy people sake, and give me your number and I would LOVE to add you to my list! You can even be someone I don't know so well! Or you can even give me a number of a friend or family member you want me to send it to and I'll do it!

{Good thing I have unlimited texting...:)}

This has really been a cool experience. Just to feel like we're all scripture friends, ya know? We all have our hectic days we're going through-and to just take a moment and think about our Savior as we look at our phone...it's good. And I'm right there with everyone. I hope it's lifting those who receive it in some way.

I'm about to be 21 years old, friends. 21. Where in the whole hundred acre wood did I find myself staring at THAT number? Wow. I remember when I was little I would imagine myself as a "mature" woman. {Ha...mature...} And I have to say...I imagined myself a little bit taller, ha! But basically...I wasn't too far off. :) I shall share more of my "becoming 21" times with you when it gets closer.

I hope everyone is doing good. And by good, I don't necessarily mean perfect. 'Cause things can be pretty tough lately. I don't even know exactly what every human is going through, but I know something is happening behind that face. Some concern, some worry, some stress. Something. And I just want to say, "Ya. I feel ya". But I also want to say, "We can make it, friend".

And we will.

I am very proud of the courage you have to fight against the monsters under your bed. The scum between your toes {alfalfa anyone?}. The room without a nightlight.

Let's face it. You all rock. And I'm glad.

Hopefully your week is pleasant. It's tough for it to be perfect, but just remember. It's your best day. :)

Take care, all.
Love always. Just do it.
Ally Jo

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