In Christ Alone

When I get in hard-core study attack sessions, I listen to some songs over and over again to get a certain mood and rhythm going in my head. It's interesting, because certain types of songs don't mesh well with my studying brain. Some classical songs totally work with my study-gel-brain, but others are completely awful. There are songs that I absolutely adore and will play over and over again in the car, but could never study to them.

In high school, I was the drama/speech sterling scholar {I know, right?}, and I remember sitting at the computer for literally days creating my portfolio. The only thing that kept me sane was a playlist of the same songs being repeated over and over again. I even typed up the list at the end of sterling scholar because I wanted to remember those songs. They literally inspired me and kept me going when I had no ounce of juice left.

So today I've been listening to a certain song over and over to keep me sane in my studying vortex. My husband showed this song to me awhile ago, and I instantly fell in love with it. I didn't even know Owl City had this song! What a shiny find! He started listening to it a lot in the last few weeks and I noticed the peace it brought me. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to this song in my moments of sadness, anger and happiness.

I think the message is simply exquisite in this song. Maybe you'll listen to it and love it just as much. :) My Savior has brought me such unexplainable joy...and no words can describe the rest. Just take a listen, and maybe you'll understand my feelings a little better. :)

"In Christ Alone" -Owl City

Love. Love Always.
Ally Jo


  1. Love this song. Thank you for introducing me to it!

  2. It's late now; so I will have to listen later :)

  3. I love reading your blog and hearing what you have to say. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, it's kind of silly but if you have time to do it - go to my blog to learn more. :)

  4. Thanks, Al pal! You're the sweetest. :) So happy to hear about all the exciting baby news! You're gonna be the best mama ever!

  5. I just love how happy you are. You are such a good example to me! Thank you!

  6. What a beautiful message. Thanks for sharing! You're smile is gorgeous by the way and it just makes me happy! Love that pic of you and your hubby :)

  7. Thank you both, girlies! I try to be as happy as ever, 'cause life is too good! And my hubbie? He's a keeper. :)